Ocean Plastics Daypack - The Upcycled Backpack

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Ocean Plastics Daypack

The Upcycled Backpack



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Hunter's comment

This product is a backpack made of plastic upcycles. It has the effect of removing 5 pounds of sea plastic per backpack.

Daypack Ocean plastic waste was upcycled and made into a bag. Plastics collected near the island of Maldives will be used.

There are anti-theft secret pouches in Daypack. You can store valuables such as passports and credit cards separately. Flexible side pockets can accommodate tumblers, water bottles or smart phones.

The size of the bag is 29.5 x 15 x 47 cm, and the weight is 1.03 kg, which can accommodate about 17L. Even if it rains through the waterproof function, the inside does not get wet.

I think using an environmentally friendly backpack is one of the small things we can do to protect the sea.





Hunter: @kimsungmin


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Intersting, i like the recyclable aspect of it. Think however that lots of companies are trying this out, which is also great. Create less, use exiting


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Great hunt kim, there is a lot that goes into the sea as waste daily and it is good that there are amazing claw back efforts like this

It is a product made of recycled plastic that shows the will to protect the environment. We'll have to use a lot of these products.

Awesome hunt man. This is very useful for us because it is made of plastic which polluted our environment. By using this we can protect our environment and also enjoy the benefits of it. Thanks for your hunt.


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