OMNI - The World's Smallest & Sharpest EDC Damascus Pocket Knife

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The World's Smallest & Sharpest EDC Damascus Pocket Knife



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Hunter's comment

This product is a small and sharp Damascus pocket knife with unique shape and luxurious.

Manufacturers, "the strength of the samurai sword in the pocket!" It is said. OMNI is made of Damascus steel and is five times stronger than normal steel.

OMNI is also used as a keyring, so you can carry it all the time. The open face design always shows the beauty of Damascus steel when not using OMNI.


To open and close OMNI, simply gently push open position by hand.


I think it is a sharp and durable pocket knife that can be used very useful in everyday life.




Hunter: @kimsungmin

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It is a knife that is small but has many functions.
You may carry a key ring with you.

The design is pretty and small, but it's a great product that can be used in many different places.
Not only is it good for hiking, but it will also help with fishing and other outdoor activities

Smallest knife but more useful and supportive pocket knife. pretty design and will be good for hiking

만능 캠핑칼이군요 ㄷㄷ

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