STRØM CITY - Packed And Affordable e-Bike

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Packed And Affordable e-Bike



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The STRØM CITY electric bicycle is a Danish bicycle made to satisfy the functions of American and European electric bicycles. The speed is designed for American style up to 30km, for Europe style up to 25km. You can travel up to 80km in one charge.

STRØM CITY The key feature of electric bicycles is the battery hidden in the frame. Removable battery designed to be easily removable for easy charging. The largest aluminum frame comes in three stunning colors.

There is an LED display that can be adjusted to six different auxiliary levels (0-5), showing the amount of battery. The USB charging system allows you to charge mobile devices while on the go.

  • Provides a fully integrated lighting system with a single push of a button.

  • Powerful, durable and quiet motor.

  • Lightweight - Including battery, 19,5kg

  • Puncture-free tires

  • All parts without rust




Hunter: @kimsungmin

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With the introduction of electronics on bikes, cycling becomes more interesting and fun by the day. This bike looks good an it’s feature that I cherish most is the fact that you can easy charge your mobile phone while cycling which is awesome.

I really like the design of this bike, this “ur” design is quite down my alley. Loving the minimalist design as well as the thought out battery integration.


Hidden Battery

Long Durability Upto 80 Km in one charge.

speed upto 25 or 30 Km/h.

Light Weight.

Puncher Free Tyres.

Usd Charge System

6 Type Light Display.


Not found Any.



Hey this seems cool and worth riding e-bicycle with awesome features like being battery driven and puncture less tires and mobile charging available .

impressive hunt


  • gives 80 km in one charge
  • environment friendly
  • lightweight
  • nothing

best of luck for your next hunt

Cool hunt.

Here i want to share my Experience of Cycling, I start riding cycle when i was studying in the 8 class and i used it till my graduation. In the period i have changed 3 cycles. I enjoyed that time, but if this bike would available that time, I can easily say My experience would be more enjoyable than ever.

@kimsungmin, great hunt here. I am looking for bikes for me to do better and more worthy exercises. I like the USB charging device and puncture free tires here. Cool.

Finally ebikes are getting more cool lookinh; The puncture free tires can be a blessing for the frequent biker.

Well @kimsungmin


  • Seems quite durable as per it's shape
  • Rust free parts of makes it distinguish as one can enjoy the ride even in the rain
  • Charging port is a wonderful addition to recharge the gadgetry during the journey
  • Puncture free tires enhance it's worth
  • Feels light to ride
  • Bright head light enables the cyclist to ride even in the darkness


  • None for this

now that's a bike, it's a bike that i would not leave anywhere and i would certainly have at least three bike locks attached to it if i did -- these days if someone wants it they will steal it!

Excellent hunt, I am also searching but in India I think it not comfortable.


Good speed
One charge you may go 80 km
Puncher free tires on seeing this I am very happy



Thanks for sharing

Have a nice day!

Thank you~~ Have a nice day^^

Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another and you have been quite good on that boss..

Perfect bike for the city urban trips, and its ebike that doesn't need us to pedal hard, really want to get a hand on it, thank you for your hunt~

Wao so great hunt....electrical bicycle is so powerful.... It will be charged and can be travel in 25 to 30 km.....they provide a quite and non polluting boost to your own pedal power....its so great product....thanks for sharing sir ...such a cool hunt..


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