Vibe Earbuds - The Most Comfortable & Complete Earbuds

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Vibe Earbuds

The Most Comfortable & Complete Earbuds



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Hunter's comment

This product is a complete and comfortable wireless earbud designed to solve problems such as falling off of existing earbuds, connection problems, and sound quality problems.

The Vibe Earbud is comfortable, safe, and designed to fit all ears. Developed in ergonomic design, it provides a comfortable and safe fit for everyday life.

Vibe is equipped with a high quality magnetic base so you do not have to worry about falling. You do not have to worry about heavy exercise or rain.

Vibe provides complete control of operation with finger touch. Simply touch to get complete control over your music, and manage your stereo calls and voice assist.


Vibe has ultra low power technology that provides up to 6 hours of playback time on a single charge.

I think it is an earbud that can be used conveniently and conveniently in everyday life anytime and anywhere.



Hunter: @kimsungmin

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They are smaller in size than other products and seem to put less strain on others.
It is also very good to use your finger touch.

The name itself is really suitable because this os really vibes to every user of this earbud. Awesome

Nice hunt and something I'm always in search for............ more comfy ear buds that don't impose upon or hurt my ears after extended use! I'll check em' out!

Vibe Earbuds is very nice and wearless earbud. This design also loooks comfotable. I will buy it. Thanks @kimsungmin for your nice hunt

The headphones do not fit into each ear. Because of this, many people cannot get the headset they want. Vibe produced a nice headset as a solution to it.

Great Hunt! its look amazing and very nice earbuds for everyone. The most comfortable and stunning design to fit on ears safely. Great hunt you shared with good luck

I love your hunt @kimsungmin. This is actually a product have been looking for. And thanks to you for bringing it here.

Vibe provides complete control of operation with finger touch. Simply touch to get complete control over your music, and manage your stereo calls and voice assist.

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It really looks very comfortable and stylish, entirely developed with a very unique form of earbuds, AWESOME hunt! Congratulations! Keep the cool hunt coming!

The headphones are important for people to listen to music while they are going out and to answer incoming calls. The wired headphones don't give people a good look, so they don't use.

These hearing aids really are an innovation for their comfort. The technology with which they are made is great. Excellent hunting.

The Vibe Earbuds fits all headphones. It is nice and easy to use. Can be used without problems in rain or in bad weather conditions. You can change the songs by touching them. Great headphones.

I love the way this earpods was built and with good sound output as well .. Cool hunt dear hunter

I'm gonna bookmark this!!! So many great Kickstarter campaigns going on.


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It is designed to be comfortable with good quality and connection problems.
It is also suitable for strenuous exercise.
be easy to manipulate
It is a very useful product.

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