Smartspotter - A Earning Platform with Little Task

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A Earning Platform with Little Task






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Smartspotters is a trusted earn site where you perform little task and get rewarded using your smartphones

Things needed to be down

Download the app on your smartphone
Request for an account by registering and becoming a spotter, once registered, you can start working by
Choosing the assignment to work upon which is always available on daily basis

After fulfilling the task, you submit and will be analyze and checked by smartspotter and accepted if correct.

You get paid and you can decided to request for payment at any convenient time.

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  • Can earn money online
  • Can work convenient time if we want
  • It is free


  • None for this hunt

Great post ! Here are my thoughts on this .
Pros :

  • Excellent tools to earn few bucks using your smartphone
  • The application is available for ios and android
  • This promotion creates awareness of the product among the users .
  • It is free to use . No hidden charges

Cons :

  • It is not available in all geographical areas

Uses the crowd to perform easy little tasks that can be done easily with a phone📱📲
Anyone with a phone can do it! Equal opportunity (for people who have a phone)

Maybe it doesn't pay very much to the people who do the work? But probably still better than nothing for the work that the people were going to perform at their commonly-shopped stores anyway...


  • Genius idea to crowdsource easy labor tasks
  • Anyone with a phone can do this
  • Retail execution has a lot of mundane tasks that can be easily verified with screenshots ... which is perfect for smartphone users looking for paid work
  • Big box retailers can reduce employee costs if they can simply pay contractors for "contract" tasks


  • People who work for some of these companies (big box retailers, brick and mortar retailers) will lose their jobs as they have fewer responsibilities


  • A fun app that you can use to earn.
  • Smartspotter works with major brands such as Microsoft, unilever, colgate-palmolive which makes it much reliable.
  • The ROI is quite attractive and the promotional turnover is good.
  • Its compatibility with both iOS and android devices is a plus!


  • It is not supported in some countries in Asia.
  • After the trial version is expired, you need to upgrade it in order to continue using the services.

Keep up the hunt!
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  1. Easy to participate, anyone can do.
  2. Task is easy to work on.
  3. Good interaction with others
  4. Evaluation secures better quality.


  1. Takes time
  2. Payment is minimal.

Pros :

  • It really improves your effectiveness during your product campaigns which really be an advantage for you in promoting and developing your makerting strategies.
  • It does provide more return of investment which help you always check those missing opportunities much faster and always verify your product and campaign so you will be always on top.
  • It does also help strengthen relationship between you and your retailers which also gives some detailed reports based on the facts.
  • On the spot you can easily get some statistics and analytics which can really help for some analysing new strategies.
  • Available on both App Store and Google Play

Cons :

  • You request only for demo but you need to pay to be able to continue their services.

Nice Hunt!


  • nice way to earn some extra bucks
  • whenever and wherever you are you are able to check for assignments and get some cash


  • availability most likely limited to cities due to lack of assignments in rural areas

Seems to be a nice hunt. But I could not request an account since my country India is not listed.

• very effective in product campaigns
• can get accurate analysis and data

• we have to pay it


  • Free. You only download the app and you can play the game

  • Exciting. Just like treasure hunt in a city size, which is very thrilling!


  • Safety Concern. Some rubber may use it as a trick, waiting someone to close and then they ambush it, doing harm to the player

hello! @kolawole
1, You can earn much free money.
2, you can connect with others.
3, It can access with your own choice anytime.

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Nigeria is not listed among the select country to use it, how am i going to use it?

It's nice tool to cut your daily expenses .. it is available for both Android n ios that is also a good part ..