Hoverglide - A floating backpack to reduce your burden feeling

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A floating backpack to reduce your burden feeling



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The backpack does not sway up and down as you run, up and down the stairs, greatly reducing the burden of rapid movement.

Main features:

  • Made of CODURA® 1000D super wear resistant nylon
  • Water repellent function
  • Saves about 82% of the power while walking, and reduces it to 86% when running

Using the exclusive patented Suspended Load Technology (SLT), the backpack is as stable as a dangling and reduces the pressure on the user. It is a very good design for backpack users with heavy backs.




Hunter: @kona


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Looks awesome for running and hike/hike-runs, but just ridiculous for casual campus/street used =P Great one!

Thank you for your comment~

I really like the product very much! It is a very good product for hikers and adventurers.I could say that it is extremly a very great hunt!

Yeah, thank you for your comment👏👏👏

The flat board like plastic behind the back of the carrier was made ergonomically, easing the heavy feeling he/she may suffer.

Yup, i think it works, thank you for your comment~

we all need lighter loads when going to college or camping the new hoverglide helps us feel less weight on our back and be more comfortable is waterproof and is made of nylon for less wear

Yeah, thanks~

You know how it feels somehow when you late for work or interview and you decided to hasten up, then your bag began to jiggle up and down you back and at same time add pains to your back. That moment is alarming, i really love you shared here, goodbye from those painful days of carrying back around.

Thank you for your comment😎😎


Pros and Cons
-Makes you feel better when with loads of stuff
-Help distribute less stress on particular points on your back

-You are still under the same amount of stress as a whole

Thank you for your review~

I really like the product; If it really works, it allows (much) more comfortable long distance walks. I wish I had one of these with me when I was walking the mountains of Laos last year. After a whole bunch of kilometers walking, hours and hours, the shoulders are getting tired as hell, with a normal backpack.

yup, it is very useful for travellers, I want to go to Laos someday. Thank you for your comment~

Very nice bagpack for Travel Nomads and people who want to go camping, etc. Great hunt!

I am glad you like it~thanks

Hi @ dayleeo, super, super idea, product and hunt.
This is a clever invention that has solved the simplest (stupid) problem!
When the backpack is tied to the body, then raise it to the air with each step (without waste of energy).
With this design the backpack goes down "on the rails" without a heavy load for the backpack carrier.
In this way, the carrier can wear a backpack at much greater distances than the classic backpack.
A super-solution that uses the energy steps, for lifting backpack on .

Good luck with hunting.

Haha, great idea, thx~

What I like about innovation is that its such simple fixes to solve big problems. I know persons with shoulder injuries from just carrying heavy backbacks :( Its good to see a remedy for this.

This is a great hunt!

Yup, thank you for your comment~

Because I have been travelling and my bag is usually heavy, this is really one that I could recommend. Awesome hunt mate!

Good, thank you for your comment~

Just yesterday I've talked with a guy who was somewhere in Nepal with just a backpack. I def think he would wanna trade that backpack for this one in a heartbeat

Great...you can recommend to your friend🤗🤗

i'm a little confused how this works but I'll go with it -- personally i'd like a little antigrav powered unit that just followed me along in the airport, or heck, just went and got in the book of my booked uber ;) #JETSONSLIFE

I think that is sth like "Maglev train", I hope it will work, thank you for your comment~

This is is pretty cool.
Am reading about this Hoverglide backpack for the first timr and i love it.

Keep hunting

Thank you very much~

This backpack is perfect for hikers and mountaineer. It alleviate their back burden with the special structure. It is good for them and help them easier to go for a hike.

Yup, thank you for your comment~

Great improvement on the everyday backpack. We all know how carrying heavy loads can strain our back, neck, and shoulders, so to be able to improve that by allowing the user to even run, jump and still be active while wearing a heavy backpack is worth checking out. Which I did, and if product webpage is anything to go by, this seems to be the biggest breakthrough for backpacks in the last 30-40 years. The only minor downside is that the product has yet to launch, and will only be available in an invite-only sale in 17 days.

Yup, will u buy one?thank you for yr comment~

To be honest, I'm not sure. It looks really cool, but also really big. I was hoping for a smaller size, but the website pictures all look big.

I include your hunt to my "Top 3 Hunts" today @kona - Damn! it's really cool product, we need it so much.

The concept is to bring a backpack that floats with magnetic technology, right?

Then, after I read on the official website, this bag was able to ease the load up to 86%, WOW !. Imagine when you want to go up a mountain, and you can carry anything lightly.

Keep hunting the best product like this one @Kona

Going camping is very fun, but we always have problems with what we have to carry, but thanks to this floating backpack it makes the trip easier, since it helps you to load your things, relieving the whole hunt.

Yup, it' s helpful, thanks~


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This floating backpack will be a game changer in backpack technology.
Our shoulders won't get hurt or tired anymore when we carry a backpack for a long time.

Yeah, I want to buy one too, thank you for your comment~

Eliminates the annoying feeling when walking with weight, also does not get wet and has enough space to carry several things.

Thank you for your comment~

This bag will be very helpful when moving around as it doesn’t put much pressure on the carrier. I love having most of my things because most time I don’t know if I’ll be sleeping at home. This will help a lot in making my load easy to carry.

Agree, thank you~

All backpacker really concerned about shoulder and back ache and this is going to be the best solutions for all of them and could finds its place on an broad based scale among backpackers.

Thank you...steem on that hunt.

Yeah, thank you for yr comment~

This is a good invention especially for school children. With this you can not only move faster while carrying things you need but you don't have to hurt your back/spine by the impact of heavy forces on it.

Yeah, good for all students, thanks~

i really see new things and wonderfull ideas in steemhunt

Great Hunt, @kona! This is good for long trek and backpack travel.

Thx, happy to like it~

Thanks a lot~


@kona, this is a cool hunt with its light weight nylon style such that you don't feel the weight. A must get for us travelers and can sure make use of this backpack. Great hunt.

Yup, but I think the trolley is the most useful function, thank you for your comment~

Very good backpack, it is daring and it fits all, it is for a field day for you to go with the family , Good hunting 👍😎

Thanks, have a nice day~


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