Helio pressure shower - A portable gadget to take shower anywhere you are

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Helio pressure shower

A portable gadget to take shower anywhere you are



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Helio is a simple and smart designed product helping you to take a shower while wondering nature beauty. Very easy to transport and to use, this portable shower can hold 2.9 gallons of water, and delivers 6 minutes of water under pressure with his sprayer. It also contains the pump to add pressure easily. This way you could take your shower wherever you are.




Hunter: @leyt


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Wohow... shower anywhere, anytime.. It is portable, it means it can be use outdoor and during camping..

Absolutely. If you like camping and discovering beauty of nature, this gadget would be very useful.


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A positive vote for your hunt, a perfect idea when you travel, where water is scarce.

Happy that my hunt was benefic for the community =) Thank you for the positive vote

Even It is not in top 10 needed products but for sure Helio Pressure Shower is a great product and it will be useful for people. Thanks for sharing, great hunt.

Many things make difference between hunts but I do agree with you. Thank you for this nice comment.


  • Rest firmly on the floor.
  • Provides the pressure you need to wash your hair.
  • 2.9 gallon tank with a foot pump.
  • Spray strong and continuous for 5-7 minutes.
  • Can be filled anywhere


  • Any

@leyt, Nice Hunt!.

This product will be useful especially when we travel outside the house, for example camping, etc.

Well, I see this product is quite innovative, and this morning the product is located at a fairly low level. So, I decided to provide support because this is a product that is quite innovative, and better than some other products.

I do really appreciate your nice reaction @calprut ! I had less chance today. Thank you very much.

Suitable for a person who want to take shower outside during outdoor activities. With 2.9 gallon of water, suitable for one person.

Con: Some may say bring more water just for shower will burden you because of the weight.

Yes, but comparing to the benefit it offers, personally I would carry the surplus weight, specially when you don't have any alternatives.

Helio pressure shower is an amazing device which gives you liberty to take shower where ever you like. It is portable and easily shifted with you at any place. Shower tank has a capacity to contain 2.9 gallons water which is capable of spraying water for 6 minutes. Great hunt for those who live in hot conditions.

Absolutely @kamchore . Thanks for the reaction !

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Thanks for your efforts

wow this thing is outstandingly great!!! haha
where I live its pretty hot here this gadget is an amazing thing for us. I want one for me.
Thanks awesome hunt!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad that this hunt would be useful for you @sauper-saiyanbot . Thank you !