TROVE - Wearable Crypto Gear - Unlock Cryptocurrency With Your Unique Heartbeat

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TROVE - Wearable Crypto Gear

Unlock Cryptocurrency With Your Unique Heartbeat











Hunter's comment

This device is taking cryptocurrency storage and security to a completely new level. TROVE is a futuristic and stylish watch and / or necklace that keeps tabs on both your digital assets and your physical heartbeat.

A product by Fintech Futures, TROVE is seeking to make cryptocurrency more secure and more integrated into our daily lives. Here's what they say about the biometric mechanics of securing your tokens and how to unlock them;

"Users unlock the system using their ECG signature – a biometric method of verification that recognises a user’s unique heartbeat pattern – by touching the contact zone on the front."

My only concern about this product is that when you want to trade your cryptocurrency (typically when the price is spiking or plummeting) your heartbeat might not be so regular. Perhaps that's a good thing, keeping HODLers in check and keeping irregular emotions out of the practice of trading.

Keep a look out for both TROVE and for Fintech Futures.



Hunter: @lgm-1

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As far as i can tell this is CONCEPT art for an idea that is being made, but you cannot build it and i see no pre-order, i believe these are the concepts for a future product that will come out -- best to hunt it when you have a site with a BUY button, if you have that, come back and we can edit! :)

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Oh man! Sorry about that, I scanned the guidelines and totally thought concept products were fair game. Honest mistake.

Thanks for your feedback :)

Good job @lgm-1, I congratulate you! how useful it looks! interesting for those who handle the world of crypto coins, description and impeccable photos, where I see it ... I buy it! Thanks for sharing!