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Get your s*** back



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Call it DNA for your property. Police stations are stacked with stolen stuff that has no way back to their rightful owner. With ANTI-THEFT DOTS your chances get a lot better.

Anti Theft Dots are .2 millimeter microdots that are about the size of a grain of sand. On each dot, there is a laser etched 6 digits alphanumeric Personal Identification Number PIN. SOURCE:

Here you can see how it works!

Only $33 per kit, which can mark 50 items. I think its a great product, you can also use the ANTI-THEFT DOTS MOBILE APP!



Hunter: @licence2drill

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Hi @licence2drill,
Thanks for always your share the great hunt in steemhunt. I already looking forward to your next hunt :)

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This is so brilliant :). The anti-thedt dots significantly increase your chances of getting your stolen property back.

The only question is can the thieves come up with a solution to removing those anti-theft dots. Until then their job just got a lot harder.


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Nice hunt @licence2drill This is a great gadget for policeman to use. With this gadget you can claim you stolen stuff if the police recovered it.

This gadget is certainly useful because it will help us identify our property among others, however, the main problem is that we must first recover it in order to identify it with this gadget. It could be said that in certain cases this device is very useful and in others well ....

Well done.

Cool innovation @ licence2drill

Yes, with anti-theft dots, we can secure our things. Maybe this is still limited to property, but I believe that in the future this will be a superior product for the security of our goods.

At the very least, identification becomes easier.

“The difficulty with property theft is identifying a victim,” according to Sgt. Brett Hancock, the department’s public information officer. In fact, according to the Department of Justice, more than 85 percent of recovered property is never returned to rightful owners because they can’t be identified
this new technology could be very useful but I don,t know when police force from all over the world will use this technology.
Thanks for your precious hunt. Keep sharing

I need this to put on all my kids' jackets and shoes.

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