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Wing size matters when it comes to airplane’s fuel efficiency, no doubt the Boeing 777X makes the top list with its 235-foot wingspan. In the long run, this should reduce the cost per passenger seat and will make flying more available for people.

Price of Boeing 777X is $388.7 million which makes it one of the most expensive commercial airplanes in the world.

See in this video how the folding wingtip works.



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This plane is large and as long as the trip is required to use the plane, the old Boeing aircraft is still comfortable, especially with this one, nice.


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Who would buy this? That is almost more than our Steem Market Cap! SteemPlane?! No not possible for this time around.

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Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do not agree! Steem hits 100$ we buy a few company ones:)

I have experienced 747 Jumbo Jet before and it was awesome, 777 Dreamliners are also great as I see ın photographs. Perfect hunt.

Because I don't have so much money, I can only review it. I can't buy it. Boing produces high quality and reliable airplanes. Double-engine and fast plane. It would be pleasant to travel on this plane.

This huge plane with low cast that can carry more people is obviously what we want. It even has fuel efficiency is just great. There is no question how expensive it is.

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