Swapiverse - Trade books you have for books you want

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Trade books you have for books you want



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Swapiverse is a platform where you can find other people to swap books with. Just list books you have and books you want. After this step, you will be matched with people who would benefit from swapping with. You can also chat for swap details.




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swapping physical book is really interested thing.... can i also try it? let me know

For the reader it is a good oppurtunity if they want to read any kind book so they can simply trade/swap it at the cost of other book he/she have.

Swapping physical books is a bit difficult as you need to post them - but I'd be interested in swapping copies of ebooks with other people - that way you get to read a lot more.

Swapiverseis a win-win situation for all book readers.


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