Crypto Rider - Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Racing

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Crypto Rider

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Racing



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Hunter's comment

Crypto Rider is a 2D bitcoin and cryptocurrency racing game.

Where the tracks are real life historical price data of popular Cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Rider give you the possibility to :

  • Select any of 10 tracks to race on.

  • Choose one of 9 Different crypto cars to unlock.

  • Collect blocks to unlock new racers!


  • Great concept.
  • Easy to play.
  • Free on iOS and Android.


  • Hard to master.
  • Unlock Riders by watching ads!



Hunter: @lordoftruth

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this game is really exciting, my nephew loves it, and every time I get the chance we play a little, it's very complete, I love it.

This is a funny game, not really crypto related but still a fun game, thank you very much for your hunt~

Hahaha .. cool, crypto track line racing, bitcoin line is good now, crawling up, cool to celebrate, nice hunt @lordoftruth

Pros and Cons
-Simple design game, easy to pick up
-its crypto related, and its a game

-Doesn't get crypto from it

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i was thinking am going to earn bitcoin from this lol. This game is so addicted and i must say, it is fun to play, if you want to earn more riders, you must watch ads

@lordoftruth I thought it might be made on blockchain or we will get coins by playing it. But still it's addictive and fun game.

Cool hunt my friend.

Nice hunt


It is free to play,very addictive

Support iOS and android

Good graphics

So much adds

I have downloaded the game already on my phone and it was a little bit hard especially when the speed is utmost, it backflips. :D

Seeing the description of the hunt... , I thought one could get some free cryptos by playing game but just fun game for cryptos enthusiasts like me

Nice Hunt 👍
My first time ever seeing a crypto game

  • the game has the ability to unlock more cars
  • the game has a Nice graphic design
  • Its free to download
    Nice Hunt @lordoftruth

Happy hunting💞💞💞

Good hunting I congratulate you for this amazing product I really like this app AMAZING ...

This is the first time am hearing about this type of game. It definitely look like like a cool game, with the ability of me to be able to earn more ride through watching ads

Great hunt sir
This game is free and based of pretty interesting concept of cryptoand bitcoins.

best of luck

Can we get money from playing this game? I’m a bit curious now! Haha

I'm going to use this as my stock data

so cute, cool and relaxing pics

It very wonderful idea after seeing this i want to play it. thanks for your nice hunting.

this is a lovely game that i would always love to play because the game is easy to play,the game also has unique features that will make the game interesting to play and enjoy,the game can also be accessed or downloaded easily


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It's a game from the crypto world. The graphics are adequate. He works on two platforms. I can play on the phone.

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