Cartics - Be on top of your car's driving,maintenance and fuel saving

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Be on top of your car's driving,maintenance and fuel saving



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cartics analyses an array of internal metrics from your car to provide insight into your driving, maintenance, and fuel-saving habits. With an OBD device that plugs into your car, you will be able to sync with our app seamlessly and understand your car better.

Great platform to get idea about car driving

Easy to use

Simple design

Awesome pictures

Get driving tips



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This is awesome.

With the help of Cartics, someone can actually get better maintenance for cars and get the best out of it.

keep hunting.

It is great to get information about driving habits by Cartics and also you can be informed about fuel-saving habits. Awesome hunt.

I wonder about my driving habits. I guess Cartics will be great for me to check them. Thanks for sharing.

We can use less fuel if we learn our fuel-habits. It is good for both environment also for us. Great hunt.

Impressive Hunt, Your Hunt just got Verified!

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With this platform you can easily maintain you cars and get to know how to safe your fuel consumption and many more

A very useful application for drivers. It is important to create good driving habits for better behavior on the road, I love that the application can give tips to save fuel.

Cartics is beneficial for the fuel economy which is the need of the day. It is helpful that can easily be used and can be handled in better way.