EWOTH - Bring your own created words/slang to the Blockchain

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Bring your own created words/slang to the Blockchain



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Ewoth was founded by David Werba in 2012 and is a new public dictionary for all the beautiful words that people create when they are socializing.
I guess all of us can remember those funny moments, when somebody just created a funny word out of the situation and everybody loughs. It would be wonderful to document your word creation and proof ownership that you really was the creator of that word.
Ewoth makes it possible for everybody to contribute his word creations to the Bitshares Blockchain and can therefore proof ownership of his creation. He will be rewarded with Slang-Tokens!
What a great way to enhance our understanding of language.




Hunter: @masterthematrix


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Thanks for sharing. I'm loving EWOTH:)

I just started to discover this amazing idea it is really fun.

Oh wow.. it's like "urban dictionary" on blockchain! 👍🏻
I guess it could actually work better on Steem though.

Yes, that is true and maybe since the service is connected to Bitshares it could be also implemented on Steem.

It looks scary

Scary??? Are you afraid of words or what is scary?

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