KIRIN 970 - The first mobile Artificial Intelligence Computer

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The first mobile Artificial Intelligence Computer




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Huawei has big plans for the next smartphone devices in regards to Artificial Intelligence. Moving on from the quad-core Kirin 960, which powers the Huawei Mate 9 and Huawei P10, the Kirin 970 has an eight core CPU and a 12-core GPU and is going to be installed first in the Mate 10 (Release 10/2018)

Here is what the technical department has to say about Kirin 970.
"Kirin 970 is the first mobile AI computing platform of Huawei. With new HiAI mobile computing architecture which integrated a dedicated neural-network processing unit (NPU), Kirin 970 delivers about 25x the performance with 50x greater efficiency and greatly improves the capabilities in image recognition, voice interaction, and intelligent photography."



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it's kinda crazy what world we are heading into with AI and neural networks, it's like living out a movie. VERIFIED.

Thanks @teamhumble I think the AI-Technology is going to revolutionize the computer industry over the next years. We truly are living in exciting times!

exciting and scary at the same time i find. it will either make our lives easier or it will add levels of complication we never expected.

Looks like one for the future.

  • Anything AI is gonna be disruptive


  • Seems like a really powerful CPU. Not sure what AI it can deliver

Thanks for your feedback!

image recognition
voice recognition
AI advances

sure to be expensive

Thank you for your feedback!

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