Nowcoingame - The first decentralized Market-Game for Bitshares

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The first decentralized Market-Game for Bitshares




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The NowCoin Market Game is a newly created social ecosystem on the Bitshares Blockchain. Its purpose is to create a fun game to play with Nowcoins, where holders are motivated to enter and hold Nowcoin, and merchants are also interested in supplying services to the network members in exchange for Nowcoin.

Nowcoin Market Game will be an amazing social experience and a good way to get in touch with other users to play and understand the Bitshares platform.



Hunter: @masterthematrix
Makers and Contributors:

  • @nowcoin (15% beneficiary of this article)

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Great to see this kind of development on Bitshares!

Give it a try. The first 1000 registrations will get 10 Nowcoins for free!

Now that's a tip! Thanks brother!

Interesting coincept (get it?), thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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