SpyBye - Are you being watched? Keep your privacy with the phone case

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Are you being watched? Keep your privacy with the phone case



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Hunter's comment

I've always wondered, can anyone watch me from my phone and my computer's camera without my knowledge? In my general opinion, yes. SpyBye has developed a great case for those who think like me, so you can turn it off when you're not using the camera, so you can protect your privacy. Privacy is very important to me, it will make me feel more comfortable and peaceful.




Hunter: @micay


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Mmm, simple solution, could be the best one there is for the moment. All apps or software that claim to protect your privacy are actually a threat to it. Good hunt!

A useful phone case, but no other protection like waterproof or flameproof or something similar like that.
The price is a bit expensive from my opinion(around $30). They should add more protection in the future because the protection they offered with this phone case is not straight with the price.

I have approved it :)

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Wow, this is so cool. Too bad somepeople can hack into our devices and invade our privacy.

a good feature for the phone case. In this way, some people feel comfortable and peaceful. Features nice and good image quality.

Not sure if i would pay that much money for an case that has just a "cap" to cover my camera... that's all. Plus, looks ugly honestly.

It looks espectacular. In the today's world we need to be carefully. It a good gadget that maybe be necesary to everyone.

Thats very nice to cover your phone with a case which protects your privacy too


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