Steasy - Smart steamer to can heat up your meal wherever you want

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Smart steamer to can heat up your meal wherever you want



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With Steasy you can take it with you when you go out or go to work, and heat up your food. It never leaks, so you can move anywhere and protect your food. You can control it with the application that you install on your smartphone. With the application you install on your smartphone, you can control it and it is very easy to clean.

steasy® is the first smart and portable steamer in the size of a lunchbox. It fits in every handbag. It is absolutely leakproof and with the rechargeable integrated battery we give you independence, freshness and more time for your meal break wherever you are! A new experience designed & engineered in Switzerland.

  • Life's too short for bad meal breaks.

The integrated battery gives you complete freedom. It supplies enough power to heat up anything you put into steasy, for up to 15 minutes. The battery has a short charging time and is characterized by its longevity. The charging cable is included.



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:point_right:I'm sure your hunt is "Undervalued". So i decided to give support. I hope it will be at least on top 100 today:point_left:

Warm food is the best

Now, we can enjoy warm food wherever you are.
Nah, i vote this because i consider that we can enjoy our warm meals anytime. It's really suited for our Lunch.

The best combination =

Warm foods + soda / :beer: = WUZZAAAH!!! :joy: :beers:

..but don't put the soda inside the steamer ;)

I have approved it :)

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Perfect for those who bring lunch from home to work. It's anti-leak proof and convenient.

NIce product to stop eating cold! ;)


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