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RE: Parrot Bluegrass - Drones for Smart Agriculture

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Another great drone!
As per my personal review below :

Pros :

  • A good solution for those who are in agriculture for it has a multipurpose function
  • It has 2 embedded cameras, video camera ang multispectral sensor which can really help farmers to have their return of investment and earn more profit in it
  • It does analyze quickly on the crop's health by the use of its user friendly processing software
  • It can be easily be transported since it has its removable propellers and what's best is that it is easy to setup, fly and even repair if damage
  • It does provide automatic crop mapping which define areas you want them to fly over and at what altitude where you can easily monitor the status of its flight
  • You can even set flight planning through the use of mobile app

Cons :

  • With the price of $5,000.00. I think it is really worth it because you can surely get more of its value on the long run. A better profit gateway for most farmers.