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RE: Lens Distortion - very high quality photo edit apps

in #steemhunt3 years ago

This is one good photo editing apps @wilkinshui. Please have time to check my personal review.

Pros :

  • They do have darker user interface which i think is a good blending to your edited photos, you can easily check for some improvements.
  • There are some built-in effects that makes it a more presentable photos adding some natural sunlight or any weather effects.
  • It has also a gallery section which you can easily compare each photos and you may adjust them according to your preference
  • Most of those effects really makes your photo a high quality one.

Cons :

  • It does need some high-end smartphones to be able to use the application without any problem.
  • Still this application is still unstable for it is still on development progress
  • To be able to obtain high quality effects, you should purchase some of it via application

thanks for the feedback :)