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Build your empire on Steem


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Steem Blockchain is already rich with interesting games, and getting even richer with time.

SteemCITY is one of the first games on Steem Blockchain which is based on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

SteemCITY will allow players to optimize their cities in terms of buildings, population and income. It is a city simulator game based on Steem-Engine Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The individual NFTs represent assets in the game and the total collection of your assets is your city.

While building their cities players earn SIM tokens in the process on a daily basis.

SIM tokens can be used to buy more assets in order to increase daily SIM tokens. These tokens can be bought and sold on Steem Engine.

There is also a weekly Steem reward pool which'd be distributed among top 100 population city holders.

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Yes dear hunter @mobi72 you share a really great hunt for All hunter's. Be sure that all devs who keep deserve these techniques and skills at any platform. Thanks for your time and share your thoughts with us.

This is great that new games are acquiring steem blockchain!! I am very happy about this. I opened the link but did not understand the game yet. I will learn it and play it!!

You'll get a lot of help about the game from their announcement post...

Announcing SteemCITY, a Game Based on Steem-Engine Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

You can also join their discord server...


That is why I love the steem community. Its not for only rewards but also give the opportunity to learning something with real fun. And this game is the best example. Love the innovation system, love the great fun system of SteemCITY. Excellent Find

Wow this is really amazing Steem Blockchain is on of the biggest platform to the developers. We can enjoy games , videos and bloging in a single platform wow it's really cool

Ive checked this game out already but it doesn't seem to work for me. It's juts a picture with nothing else.

Not too hard to play once you understand the basic rules and what to do. You'll get a lot of help about the game from their announcement post...

Announcing SteemCITY, a Game Based on Steem-Engine Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

You can also join their discord server...


But it is true, as sanjeev said, it is not free to play. You have to buy some cards in order to play.

STEEM is strong and Tron has more to gain from STEEM than we have to gain from STEEM. I'd like to thank all the devs who keep developing these technologies for keeping our platform alive. We can go head to head with any big blockhcain if we try hard enough :)

It seems like a drugwars game that was a quick success but failed to perform well in th elong run. I hope it will fare well and stay longer to reward those who invest time and money into it.

For the first part, "I hope not so". For second part, "I hope so too".

Already playing of course.

This is another great dapp on Steem Blockchain and it seems interesting and another Good opportunity to make some money and enjoy at the same Time.

Really it is very interesting game and this game is very good for our community

Nice idea for earning sim token just playing game. Hence it is listed on steem engine, I think this can be the centre of attraction for every steem users..In case of me, this time I am busy on splinterlands gaming platform, so I hardly think about any other gaming platform.

You will love this game if you have played games that increase your assets in the building, city, population and game. We love to play games in our spare time, but we cannot earn any income. By playing this game designed by steem blockchain, you can earn SIM tokens and earn income.

I play only one game on steam crafting and that's splinterlands. This one I never tried before I will give it a try and see if this game is also so much fun. Please download it was provided it seem to be fun. Nice find

wow. That's the best hunting. Steem based games. I love steem blockchain based anything. Its very handy to me. Good hunting.

This looks interesting and the image used reminds of the mario game. If this game is anything close to mario, trust me, i'm in!

Wow, more interesting development on steem blockchain. This game looks really promising and has an interesting concept. Looking forward to try the game out soon.

I don't know whether they are still airdropping the card (I got one when joined), try to sign up soonest possible for the chance to get a free card.

Great hunt dear friend
I feel really happy when I hear about games on the steem blockchain because I love to play games. It will be amazing and fun to play this game. Also we can earn a few buck from it.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Thanks Yameen.

Great hunt! Glad to hear about the new game on steem blockchain we also engaged with other games on steemit like holybread, Steemmonster this one would be a great fun also to earn some NFT token with this game nice find

These are exciting times. Especially now that we have tron with us. So much is happening so quickly.
Good to see a NFT based game on steem blockchain.
Nice Hunt:)

I want to try it! :D

A fun game and as someone commented "addictive", I am feeling so too even though played it not for long.

Gaming on the blockchain so much fun and I have been paying Steemmonster but it looks like this is another game that one should try out. I will check out soon. Thanks for sharing

Togather we are moving in the right direction because so many great things are happening on steem blockchain and Steemcity is a one good example. Thanks to all those developers that are giving us so many opportunities and we are enjoying this place we call steem blockchain.

A great platform and this idea was very good to me. Through this we will be able to lot of benefits in the future. But I would like to know that they would give me steem or give their own token. Great Hunting

Every player will earn SIM tokens on daily basis. Steem will be rewarded weekly to those who are in top 100 with respect to Population.

This is nice game on steemit blockchain. I would see how I can understand the game. Earning tokens too will attract many more players. Nice hunt

The steem blockchain is progressive even in the dip amazing development still springing up and better and cooler way to earn and steem-engine the game changer.

I never played running blockchain-based games and even on steam iron limited with dapps only. I like this hunt because this game looking so much entertaining and hope in future I can try it out. Thank you

Have a nice day.

Glad to see another game on our favorite blockchain platform, I hope it also get successful like steemmonster and pay his part to make steem reach to more people.

Nice one again from steem

This is not a free to play game; you will need to buy some buildings to play the game and earn your rewards.

And also it needs Steem Keychain addon to sign into the game. I think, they should also support signing up with steem connect.

I don't know about technicalities but, I think, in layman terms, Steem Keychain is chosen as the first option for the login because of Steem Engine based NFTs and SIM tokens.

Good post friend. Good game on steem Blockchain. I am new so I like such Steen update to play game and enjoy. And also become good gamer.

Thanks. Welcome on Steem and Good Luck. No doubt, games on Steem are fun.


i have read about this game somewhere i guess on the steem block chain. It seems cool but like steemmonsters it also requires huge investment isn't it?

Great Hunt! It almost feels like we are getting a flood of games on STEEM. I'm going to take a look and see if SteemCITY can become as impressive as @steemmonsters or @nextcolony


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Thanks again and look forward to seeing your next hunt!

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