Steemtransfer - A Gateway to Steem Blockchain

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A Gateway to Steem Blockchain


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I remember my initial days on Steem Blockchain, when I used to think ... Where to go? What to do more on Steem?

Luckily, I found Steemhunt, and it boosted my existance on Steem BC many times over in a very short time.

But, is everyone lucky enough to find the good platforms/dApps before leaving the Steem Blockchain in disappointment?

I don't think so, many have left and many are leaving.

Now, IMHO, Steemtransfer will be helpful in changing the scene.

It's still in progress but the vision is to have a complete list of everyone and everything that is good about the STEEM blockchain. I would love to have one place to send people so that they could find their group and there niche within the larger community.

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We must spreading it more @mobi72 let's the newbies know how to get the value on steem blockchain. I know about this dapp yesterday on my feed. It's like steem library or steem guidelines. As far I am here I am not too know about more dapp on steem blockchain, just a few dapp. with steemtransfer I get many options for my expand my steemit journey here. But I need more SP for it 😂

I wish you a million SP ... only WISH is in my possession, but SP ... I wish.

Wish you a day with tons of SP.

Thanks. It's not finished yet. There is a lot more to add to the site but I will keep filling it out and try to get everything together.

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Impressive. Any mechanism to help folks get around steem should be encouraged. I love this

Agreed, and even its very early stage @niallon11, who is the founder/initiator of this project, has included a lot of valuable stuff. Because of the shortage of the allowed letters, I couldn't cover all the amazing features of Steemtransfer. If you're interested to know more, visit the his following post...

Steemtransfer - Showing you the STEEM blockchain


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Thanks a lot, @monajam. Wish you a lovely day.

This will make navigation through the steem blockchain a whole lot easier.

This looks like a great product and one that will be brilliant for new users coming to the chain.


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