Automatic IRONING DRIZZO - Drizzo works with no electrical energy or heat

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Drizzo works with no electrical energy or heat



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Drizzo is very helpful in doing housework, especially me as a young mother who has a baby child who does not have a baby sitter and housekeeper. By using Drizzo will certainly save a lot of time to do other work.


The tension or the force is so important because without it you can not iron. In fact if you want to simply try to hang a garment this does not iron itself as it does not iron if you only blow steam over the garment itself.

Drizzo, with a Polo, add only the orizontal tension to ironed because the water in a wet garment produce enough vertical force to complite the ironing. For this reason it is so fast.

In a shirt it does not happen so you need clamps to add vertical force. You need a little more time, but absolutely less than ironing.

Drizzo works with no electrical energy or heat and it's made of fully recyclable materials It allows ironing with zero impact on the environment, even without any noise or sound.


Rotate a knob to give orizontal tension and little stretch with mini clamps to give vertical tension. For the sleeves the two arms supplied give the required tension.


Drizzo ensures a more comfortable ironing of traditional devices because don't use heat and avoid to damage the fabric itself.


You can also iron dry garments moisturizing them with water using a sprayer.

A new concept of ironing.

In fact, as soon as you have finished to wash, you can immediately iron with Drizzo one garment letting dry the others. When you have few minutes you can put on the Drizzo one of the dried garments. A little moisturize and let it dry.

We change usually once a day, with Drizzo You can iron two or three garments a day with few minutes of your time. Result: avoid to iron a mountain of cloths on Sunday.

With Drizzo you can iron any size

Drizzo is tested with many shirt sizes, rotating the central knob you can adapt it to any size.



Hunter: @mochanoz

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Waaaw ironing without any electricity needed! I want to own it <3 Nice hunting!

@anamidera thanks sistaa ...