Yanu.AI - A Full Autonomous AI and Robot Bartending Unit

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A Full Autonomous AI and Robot Bartending Unit



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Currently robotic technology is getting closer to the picture in sci-fi movies. Almost all industry domains develop robotic technology to make time and energy more effective.

One of them is Yanu.AI is a bartending machine developed with robot automation technology and artificial intelligence (AI). This machine can serve drinks, handle payments, identify and communicate with customers.

Customers always expect comfort when seated at the bar and are served with a perfect blend of drinks. Like the bartender, Yanu.AI serves with art and is sensitive to customer desires.

The design is futuristic yet elegant

Yanu.AI is designed very gracefully as a machine. Along with a charming appearance, its performance is very reliable and friendly.

Here are the technical features that make Yanu.AI excel as a bartending machine:

  • Capable of holding 50 bottles in one take.
  • Service and mixing of drinks handled by a robotic arm.
  • Have docks to serve drinks to customers.
  • Have screens to present information and ordering to customers.


  • Operate effectively, more, and faster than human bartenders.
  • Accurate and expert as a cocktail maker.
  • Ordering done mobile and touchscreen interactively.
  • Has cloud-based data storage for administration and monitoring.


  • The size is too big, slightly smaller or portable will be better.
  • Power consumption is too high.




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