e-farming - Farming made easy

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Farming made easy



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e-farming is an interface between farmer and the customers to promote the kitchen farming. The objective of the app to help the customers who is interested in farming, cultivate the organic vegetables as per their choice from the list .




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Nice Hunting
e-farming is a great platform for the farmers that makes
farming much easy.

A good initiative for farmers where learn and help each other alot.

Wao cool hunt. That's a good way to connect with your costumers.

Really great
Without farming, you can get food. E-farming is a new and welcome idea.
Thanks for sharing because it helps those interested in farming to get involved

Those who are interested to organic farming can be benefited from here. It is time to agriculture

It will undoubtedly be of great help so that excellent quality products arrive at our home, we can advise ourselves so that what we are eating is without any chemicals and that it is as we want. excellent hunting


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