Farm App - making farming easy

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Farm App

making farming easy



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Farm App is an application designed to help farmers to predict reliable onset days. It also gives farmers access to the dry spell risks associated with the planting season depending on the onset strategy used for onset.


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It is a great app because weather is one of the major determining factors of farming. It will equip farmers with accurate weather information hence preparing them adequately

The app will be a vital tool for famers because it helps them with planting schedules and this can be critical in ensuring food security in the country

Farm app is a must-have application for farmers to increase and maintain crop yields. They can control their crops with ease and can anticipate unwanted things. Thanks for sharing

Good and interesting find. I am suggest this app to my cousin he is a farmer.

Its nice that makes farming simple

This is something i find interesting and useful among all the hunts seen today by me.
Thank you for sharing these useful apps , my grandfather is a farmer and I will tell him about this Application.

Farm App looks quite amazing app for the farmers that will make farming easy, thanks for sharing.

Wow! What a great app you have searched. This will help farmers and they can know the all the best ways for it. Great Hunt!

One way for farmers to feel more confident when sowing, they can know exactly when it is convenient for them to do it. great hunt

This app will help alot the farmers about plants and the best possible methods to grow thier crops/plants.

Good app for all farmers to use in the farming season. You know when to plant.

In India, most of the farmer is uneducated. I don't think so that they can use this app.


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