Livvie - Track impact of Vegan & vegetarian diet

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Track impact of Vegan & vegetarian diet



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Vegan and vegetarian diet is good for health and these days I can see a lot of people who are adopting it for a better health and also to have a balance between human animals. it's completely by choice if you want to go for it and this app can help you understand the impact if you choose to go for it.


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You can see the impact of your diet choices with real data and adjust your consumption to make it better for the planet.

Good and interesting find. It is amazing app to tell you how to manage your diet.

Vegetarianism doesn't suit everyone, some people need to get their protein from animals, so this is a good app to track whether you feel better or worse on the diet.

It shows to me that I eat meat daily. Either grilled, cooked or just as ham. I will try to reduce that.

Good diet equals to good life especially for elderlies.
You can't afford to go wrong.

Thanks for sharing this hunt

It's good to have visitable in meal. Good hunt

NIce App, vegetarian diet is good and heathy for our health. We will be found good diet and good care for living healthy life.

A good way to track impact of Vegan and vegetarian diet.


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