Iris 3D Viewer - An Open Source Experimental Online Model Viewer

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Iris 3D Viewer

An Open Source Experimental Online Model Viewer


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Hunter's comment

Hey guys today i am going to show you a n interesting and awesome extension available at chrome.
First see the amazing features in the video:

Now you can see it have a lot of features which help you to creating the ,models sou can easily measure the size of your model and you can make beautiful model and also it is very useful for graphic designer as it helpful to saved the time beacause other apps have alot of problem to unlock the features but don't worry about it it will very helpful for them.
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>Now you also see this imagunnamed (7).jpg:
It runs through Javascript and WebGL and is therefore cross platform and available through different browsers


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I'm going to check it out. Because, I couldn't get enough details from your comment.