Server Bitcoin Miner - Online mining app for block-chains Users

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Server Bitcoin Miner

Online mining app for block-chains Users



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Hey guys look this awesome online bitcoin warning app this app is linked with blockchains so you can earned bitcoin online it really helps to earned the bit coins .
I'm able to control when the miner is running and watch my mined earnings grow.
The rise of blockchain frameworks and digital currencies was a genuine leap forward after the production of the Web. Everybody has been made up for lost time in the blast of mining advanced resources that can be traded for genuine cash, and even financial specialists are compelled to pursue the development pattern and decrease in the notoriety of virtual coins so this app really efficient for miner.


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I am sorry that I had to delist your hunt because it does not adhere to the following PGs:

Quality of post (Posting Guideline 5)

5-6. Do not share any scams, highly suspicious cryptocurrency/fin-tech, illegal products, or any type of weaponry.

From the negative reviews about this mining site, it seems it is possibly a scam site.

Please read the posting guidelines before posting your hunt.

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