Withings move - The Unsurpassed battery life

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Withings move

The Unsurpassed battery life



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Hunter's comment

Hey steemians look this cool and awesome product this watch have an battery life of 18 month.
This watch is easily connected to you mobile phone through gps system.
This watch is a water resistant and when you walk, run, swim or bicycle, Move will consequently record your action. Furthermore, by long-squeezing the side catch, you can dispatch an exercise session—this will enact a chronograph and associated GPS so you get span, separation, rise, and your way mapped in the Wellbeing Mate applicationso you can easily interact with your watch.
this watch have a function of smart awake as you complete your sleep period the watch is vibrating .It also calculate your sleep score .
i hope you liked this cool product.




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i'm afraid we already have this listed so this is duplicate.


thanks for the hunt, we look forward to your next one.