Joplins Bamboo Sunglasses - Bamboo sunglasses with lifetime guarantee

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Joplins Bamboo Sunglasses

Bamboo sunglasses with lifetime guarantee







Hunter's comment

The joplins bamboo sunglasses is a very light weighted sunglasses made from bamboo. It can float on water, has shock absorber too.

This sunglasses is made with extra protection agsinst high UV. It will refuce the plastic waste in our environment that causes polution and takes forever to decay.

key features.

  • the sunglasses is made of bamboo fiber.
  • it is light weight that it can float on water
  • it has anti scratch which keeps it cool.
  • it comes with shock absorber.

my verdict

This sunglasses will replace most platic made sunglasses, and because of iys warantee, it will be the next big thing in the industry and

Pictures are gotten from INDIEGOGO



Hunter: @mychidera-eu

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There is a huge selection of bamboo sunglasses. I'm very happy that eco-friendliness is now an important part of our lives. It is subject to accessories like sunglasses. If you want to choose ones but don't know which pair, then this review will help you make the right choice. I have bought a Cloudfield model. Because these glasses have non-reflective lenses, a full bamboo frame, UV400 protection. They are also handmade.