Futu - All-in-one worldwide trading account

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All-in-one worldwide trading account



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Available, as Futubull, on the App & Play stores.
Futu Holdings' [registered by the Hong Kong's Securities & Futures Commission (CE No. AZT137)], the Futu all-in-one worldwide trading account provides a one-stop online investing services, brokerage & experience.




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The trouble with these services that allow you to trade without fees is that they sell your data to hedge funds who front run you - as we saw with Robinhood and the Gamestop fiasco.

That's worth considering. @rose98734

The term "All-in-one" trading a/c is very attractive. But is that also for all world markets and all asset classes? Other important factor is to consider the trading fee for various markets. I don't know of any such product so far.


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