Red Sea Farms - Sustainably Produced Food

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Red Sea Farms

Sustainably Produced Food



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Through technology facilitating growing food using saltwater, instead of freshwater, as the primary water source, Red Sea Farms sustainably produced food enables carbon & water footprint reduction.


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thank you very much for sharing the app, good hunting to you

everything related to helping the planet with the carbon footprint we have to take it seriously, we have to try to save the planet, I love this type of hunting, it will undoubtedly be widely used in many countries. Thank you for sharing it with us.

This kind of activities should be done by other farmers and in that way we can have the sustainable environment through farming. we must appreciate such kind of initiative of producing in sustainable way

Great and innovative find. You can use this app and grow your food.

Nice one, thanks for this hunt.

Technology is in everywhere. Thanks for sharing


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It is a good sustainable technology that allows us to live better in different places, for example where there is no longer fresh water or a deficiency of fresh water for crops. good hunting

Wow great technology

Food is grown with salt water to take care of the world and its fresh water, which is scarcer every day and in some parts of the planet the vital liquid does not arrive...

thank you very much for sharing a great app, have a good day and have a great mood

A good effort afrer all,really pleased to know!

Wow great. Good job. Thanks for sharing with us

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