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Agri marketplace



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A scalable, internet-based, algorithm-driven, farmers' e-commerce platform. the sKudu agri marketplace claims the capability to assist farmers of any size, in any country, growing any crop.


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It would be great if farmers were able to sell online directly, bypassing all the supermarkets who take such a big slice of the profit. It might make farming sustainable.

I like hunts that make farming easy and this is same kind of

Nice Hunting
sKudu is a great Agri marketplace for the farmers.

What an amazing agricultural app that can help farmers to easily sell their farm produce. Thanks bringing it to steemhunt

It is an ideal application for the growth of small and large agricultural producers in growth

Yes. @lobinia sKudu is a boon for farmers.

Every day technology surprises me more, this makes the hard work of farmers a little easier thanks for your hunt


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What a great tool for all farmers to help them sell their farm products

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