hollywhoot - Making parody movie is a funny as hell

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Making parody movie is a funny as hell



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Hunter's comment

The developer "Joyseed Gametribe" made the Hollywhoot game app, it's about a journey of a director who built an entertainment empire from scratch to benefit billions, that's the challenge.

Another challenge arises when getting actors/actresses with different characters, for example, irongold actors (parody ironman) meet with Mr. Bean, so, what will you do? the movie should be successful and get Hollywood trophies.
I think the gameplay is interesting, graphics are good and overall I like this game.

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Hunter: @olgiz247


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This is a great game; good graphics and a fluid gameplay. There are no significant problems so far.

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This game looks fun.
They did a good job to avoid copyright problem when using popular names like tinderella, james bean, etc :D

Good Hunting this Game stops me and it's amazing since it's entertaining and you can play it. When you want one of the things that I like the most is that we can see our favorite characters from movies and TV shows I love this INCREDIBLE Games

Wow excellent hunt


Colourful cartoon characters
Excellent game
It work in android




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