Wifi Robot 4WD - The robot is controlled from a PC using a Wi-Fi connection

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Wifi Robot 4WD

The robot is controlled from a PC using a Wi-Fi connection



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Hunter's comment

This is an IG42 controlled Wi-Fi robot that includes ATR, and has an IP PTZ dome camera mounted on the lid. You can control with a gamepad and also with a mouse.

You can control and monitor your robot from anywhere that has internet access with your program. VB.NET 2010 application is provided.

With ball bearings sealed on the wheel, this robot can climb walls, and with a 1/8 thickness of aluminum, the robot is strong from impact.

Other advantages

You can see where you are going. The pan is rotated 360 degrees and the slope is 0 to +90 degrees. The camera has 3X optical zoom.





Hunter: @oomcie85


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  • Wifi Connectivity
  • 360° rotated pan
  • 3x Optical Zoom
  • Gamepad controller
  • Climb Walls


  • I don't have any

Wonderful idea indeed. It was a dire need of the time to invent such devices and I am watching everyday something advancement in this regard. Thanks a lot for your search.

Wifi Robot 4WD - The robot is controlled from a PC using a Wi-Fi connection. Getting awesome results by using the robots is now a days a common practice. No doubt we have got lot of awesome results by using this technology. Super search

Wao This is very great and impressive hunt.This is best robot.Many features of this robot.This is very fast robot.This is only wifi connected robot.Very great battery timming of this robot.This is most advance technology.This robot can climb walls,This is mean feature.Affordable price of this robot.Many peoples like this great robot.Thanks for sharing.

Wao! It is really cool robot

  • It has Wifi Connectivity
  • Can rotate in 360°
  • Good zooming ratio
  • Gamepad controller
  • It can Climb on Walls
  • none

This name sounds funny but it will be a useful robot to have. Wifi Robot.

The pan is rotated 360 degrees and the slope is 0 to +90 degrees. The camera has 3X optical zoom.

Wonderful hunt

@oomcie85 Cool hunt. This 4WD robot is so awesome and what is more, we can control it from our PC using the wifi. Really great hunt.

Hi @oomcie85,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

I do have 2 requests though:

  1. Replace the second image as it is pixelated on modern retina devices
  2. Add 4WD to the front of the product name.

Let me know via a comment reply when you’ve made requested changes.


  1. PTZ dome camera
  2. Wifi pc control
  3. Controlled by lous.
  4. Fast and wfficient.
    Great hunt

Great hunt @oomcie85 Wow, this is like playing a remote control toy car. The different is that this robot is far more advance and can control with gamepad or mouse.

Wow~ This robot is controlled anywhere anytime by PC using a Wifi connection. Great product.

Awesome product it has many features compared to the hounded of other robots which are designed the same

Really super awesome!! Its only a wifi connected robot which you can control it anywhere you are though it has limited range but it really is so awesome 😎

Its wonderful & attractive robo, thanks for update informative hunt.
Keep sharing

This is awesome, I never knew a robot can ever be controlled by using wifi. This can be control even from far distance and still yet, they will do as it’s control.

great product has many uses but the most important I would say is the use of this for the diversfios or the transport of things by the person to people with disability problems great hunting

Awesome hunt,

I'm a huge fan of robot and I must confess that this is the best robot hunt I've seen on Steemhunt today. This is a pretty cool robot to have fun with.

Very cool Robot gadget. It can take photo, videos and audio on demand remote controlled from your PC. Very good Hunt!

cool features of this product are:

  • IG42 controlled Wi-Fi robot which includes ATR.
  • has a PTZ dome IP camera mounted on the lid.
  • can control with gamepad and also with mouse.

Wow this product look pretty amazing and useful you can use control the robot by connecting it with wifi. I never see such a useful robot also we can capture photos with the robot.

The role of robots have been too much now a days. Everyday I am seeing some new enhancement, which is going towards betterment of mankind. Thanks for this awesome hunt

Most lovable Wifi Robot 4WD

It's a really good robot to really enjoy it. Robots are controlled from PC using Wi-Fi connection. It is very easy to setup and operate this robot.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

I watched the video and it is impressing. It would be great to have a robot controlled from a Pc. Great hunt.

Perfect UGV!
This robot will be used not only in military but also in real life.

influenced 100% for being a cool hunt
just like the sci-fi bots i've always been seeing, although the dev still gat works to do on the design

"Wifi Robot 4WD" Lovely Hunt From Robotic Technology you created friend @oomcie85

This mini robot has awesome and amazing features.By using Wi-Fi connection we can easily controlled this Robot from our PC and do our desire projects. Thanks for sharing technology related products with us, so keep hunting.

it can be good for surveillance purposes hahaha :D maybe if it will not be caught :D Thanks for the hunt !

Wifi Robot 4WD is posted and I saw it at No 1 place for a while. But today when I got up I saw it at No 3. No problem this is totally a simple but very effective idea and can be used at various places. Thanks for share

Such a cool robot which can easily be controlled via wifi. I think it could be really useful for the educational purpose as well. Impressive Hunt for sure <3

But there are robots you can control with your smartphones

This IG42 controlled Wi-Fi robot is really cool and cute product. Much advanced technology.

It is great to see the fundamental breakthroughs in robotics. Over time, this is only going to get bigger.

without any disadvantages
with merit
What is the robot's purpose?

It's like the robots seen on movie. This is a cool robot that can be controlled by pc thru a wifi connection. I think I like to have one:-)

The bot is a smart one , the idea is innovative

You can see where you are going. The pan is rotated 360 degrees and the slope is 0 to +90 degrees. The camera has 3X optical zoom.

The feature above is a turn for anyone


Excellent Hunt @oomcie85

Since robot is made from aluminium, it is very lightweight. This robotic product is very easy to setup and operate. The full charge batteries can be used to operate the robot for 5 hours. Helps to take vide at any angle. Incredible one!!!


Great hunt.
These kind of robots can be used for search and rescue operation. Can also be used for intelligence operations.

Wow, controlling a robot with a pc is really great idea. Loved it.

This is great idea and I think the makers are genius. I want one.

Everything about this robot is pure quality. This is excellent work.

Super Great hunt, I wanna buy this item.

Battery life

This robot just won my heart. It has to offer so much and yet is a simple in a way that it is controlled from a pc.

You can control the robot from anywhere, it is made of quality materials, it is compact, lightweight but the price it to hight, almost 4.000 dollars

I think this one could be applied in some disasters like the earthquakes aftermath for example. It can also help in police operations, the size might be a bit big though. But it's one the best things that would antagonize my cat so it's cool, Hahaha. Great hunt :D

The principles of toys are changing a lot these days. It's not a limited system, it's a Wi-Fi thing. There is no danger of personal information, but since this product uses Wi-Fi, we should be careful about security.

@oomcie85 Hye this type of robot is very innovative i also hunt a robot which is called monsterborg it is so cool thanks for your hunt keep hunting

Thank you all, for your attention and participation, hopefully my hunt will increasej


Hello @oomcie85, nice post you have shared here its an amazing robot with great features and unique style.I personally found it attractive its camera and WiFi connectivity is good.

This robot looks tough, I like its design. With a few retouches and a couple of weapons could be a military mini-vehicle hahaha.

Good hunt!

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