LaneAxis - Blockchain Solution for Supply Chain

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Blockchain Solution for Supply Chain



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LaneAxis, Inc. is a company that has been in operation for 6 years and is now integrating blockchain technology into its business. LaneAxis is dedicated to making companies and industries more efficient and transparent through the use of patented GPS tracking technology.

With LaneAxis, moving products from one point to another will no longer be cumbersome. The LaneAxis block chain allows carriers to simplify and automate numerous key processes with the use of intelligent contracts.

The main objective of LaneAxis is to connect the shippers with the carrier, eliminating the intermediary that charges up to 30% commission, which results in the total increase of the goods transported.



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I read the features and LAneAxis looks like a great platform, I think it is because of 6 years experience of LaneAxis Inc. Great hunt.

Great hunt my friend @osmerj. Looks great, showing good potential.
I think this project will have great success.
Keep hunting amazing products my friend.

What a great project really useful one!
Thank you for information
Keep cool huntin'