Aston Martin Rapide E - The First All-Electric Aston Martin

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Aston Martin Rapide E

The First All-Electric Aston Martin



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Are you ready for the new Aston Martin?

The legendary car brand Aston Martin introduces the first fully electric vehicle, the Rapide E model. Specially designed aerodynamic lines and aesthetic aluminium wheels are designed to minimize friction loss and maximize cooling efficiency. Full electric V12 engine and three different driving modes to compete with the gasoline models are caught in the level of driving performance.


They aim to create a new class in electric vehicle technology with this model that improves the performance of most electric vehicles. With faster charging, the longer distance has been one of the most important goals in the design phase. I'm not so sure what I can tell you about an Aston Martin. Having a nature-friendly approach to a legend is probably the only reasonable sentence I can make.


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This looks really fantastic and is recognizable as an Aston Martin straight away. I know there has been huge development done on the electric cars and Tesla is going to have very stiff competition very soon. having aluminium wheels allowing for less friction is also very clever. I think the cars that have involvement in the Formula One Industry are going to have many advantages over all the others as they have been working with electric and power saving options for a few years now. We will see bits and pieces that have been tried and tested on these manufacturers cars in the not too distant future. A great hunt and nice to see they are developing our future cars.


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Cool Hunt !

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

Well, I love electric cars as it runs on zero emission which is very good for nature and such car are the future car. It looks good and has so many good features.

Do you really think it is affordable for Common Man?

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Thank you stopping by @amar15 :) Having an Aston Martin has never been easy or affordable but I think in the future this electric car models can be more common than the others considering the annual fuel costs.


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