RIPTIDE R1 BLACK - The best carving electric skateboard

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The best carving electric skateboard



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Skateboards are not only a hobby or a sport but also an alternative means of transportation. If there is a situation that it's long for walking, a short distance for driving; these electric models are an excellent option to commute. This technology, which works wonders on open roads, but unfortunately has a small problem, not as agile as regular skateboards in the face of obstacles. Fortunately, Riptide brings a new solution with the R1 Black model.

Riptide R1 Black can make sharp turns even at high speeds. This unique feature of the product is the Waterborne Surf Adapter attached to the front wheels and Rear Rail Adapter that provides balance and alignment to the rear wheels. This product, which can go 7 miles on a single charge, is eye-catching with its technical features and charismatic design!


Price : $649.00


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I sometimes think that I was born about 25 years to early! LoL. I use to skateboard all the time and I would of loved to have a good electric carving skateboard. It would of been way easier than stopping trying to push up all the hills where I lived. This is really a great technology. Great hunt!

Hahaha... Same here. I'm not interested anymore to be "cool". It is just perfect to be lazier. Yes, I'm old kind of... :)


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