URWERK UR-T8 - The most intuitive way of telling time!

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The most intuitive way of telling time!



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The URWERK UR-T8 model, which brings together the technology and the original designs, has raised the bar a little more. I don't like wearing watches, but I can't resist such products. The brand has collaborated with the legendary artist Johnny King Nerd Dowell, who has worked on the metal and has created a fantastic watch.

“Our UR-T8 of course recalls the Reverso watches, we have unstructured the concept to create a genuine URWERK model. The UR-T8 features all the characteristics that we have made our own: the huge crown, the organically shaped sapphire-crystal glass, the textured case that invites your touch, a strong personality and a recognizable visual signature.” MARTIN FRE





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The fashion tag is not right for this kind of watch. If #urwerk were to see this, they won't be happy. This is some crazy way of telling time and no one does it like them. Fashion is an insult to such haute horlogerie.

Yes, you're right. Maybe I did wrong but you know what, it doesn't matter how I tagged it, still amazing watch! :)

It is an amazing watch!

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This is a purely aesthetic way of telling time. The feeling of having this on your wrist...


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