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Wink Hub 2




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Nowadays, people OWN A LOT OF "SMART TECH ITEMS", like when you are home, maybe you got smart light bulbs, smart appliances, smart theromostats, or whatever smart tech. However, you might find that COORDINATING them IS NOT "SMART" ENOUGH. Thats why a SMART HOME SYSTEM IS NECESSARY to help you GATHERING THEM UP UNDER ONE SINGLE APP!

Why I am recommending Wink Hub 2 ?
  • Easy set up
  • Supports several wireless protocols.
  • Supports with User-friendly app.
  • Great Security features
  • Fast & reliable
  • Wired Ethernet and dual-band Wi-Fi support.
  • Works well with Alexa & IFTTT.

Cons :

  • Lack of a battery backup

Major difference compared to the original hub :

  1. Improved connectivity : supports both 2.4 & 5GHz networks with introduction of an Ethernet port.

  2. Supports Bluetooth LE radio & Thread-capable radio

  3. Appliable on Kidde, Lutron Clear Connect, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave and ZigBee

  4. Faster processor & 8x more memory

  5. Enhanced security with new hardware features (incl. cryptographic verification)

  6. Slimmer, sleeker in design

Official introduction link of Wink Hub 2 :

I hope you all enjoy my hunt today, especially for those who owns a lot fo smart tech devices :) Happy Friday guys.



Hunter: @pakyeechan

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Nice Hunt @pakyeechan

Note: This is just ”My Personal Opinion & Assessment”, not intended to “Judge” the reviews you have made.


  • Idea / Innovation
    Wink Hub 2, a tool that can sharpen all connections at home, office, and in various other places. The idea is unique because it focuses on security.

  • Design / UI / Spec
    It's pretty simple, easy to install and start to use.

  • Features / Advantages / Benefits
    You can manage all connections easily. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other connections will be safe. No intruders can enter without your permission.

  • Price
    It costs just $ 99, cheap enough for useful tools.

There is no shortage whatsoever. The prices and benefits are comparable.

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Hi @pakyeechan, you got hunted a good and elegant hub. Anyway, please check my personal review below :

Pros :

  • This can be a great support for you in enhancing connectivity at home where you will never be worrying for connection problem.
  • It does provide a more powerful and enhanced new ethernet port and Wi-Fi which really improves your connectivity.
  • It does support on many connection options like Bluetooth LE, ZigBee and many others which makes it a more flexible hub tool compare to other hubs in the market.
  • Setting up is quite simple and easy where it does have auto-discovery features which provides a much faster and quick setup.

Cons :

  • The price is normal to me and i think the price of it is not a concern, so i see no cons in it.

Pros :

  • Wink hub is a great tool for home automation
  • It comes with wifi connectivity so u can control anything at home from any part of the world
  • The device has a sleek design
  • The Device has faster processing power

Cons :

  • The pricing is a big issue as there are similar products in the market at less price

Nice hunt pakyeechan! Smart devices will get more and more important in our daily life, that's why I'm interested in various smart home products. This device makes the experience with smart home devices more efficient. Therefore, it can be userful for a lot of people. Moreover, I like the futuristic and minimalistic design!


  • The app that con this product is have a cool interface, which is easy to use
  • Save time to control the smart tech item
  • It had a great security


  • None for this hunt

I like the price!! $99 for this awesome hub!

Hello @pakyeechan

This is my opinion about your application


With 7 recommendations provided by Wink Hub it shows that all smart applications you can control in one container that will make our lives more effective and efficient. Is not this an amazing thing.


As you said earlier, the source of energy coming from the battery is pretty much a drawback.

This is the value I give to your product

Thank you for your kind comment, I am happy you enjoy my hunt :)

ok no problem bro :)

• very easy to set up
• has advanced security features
• work quickly and reliably

• inadequate battery backup, may need to be improved

Congratulations on your verified.
Good luck to you.

Awesome hunt @pakyeechan! Love this smart device and functions! Great integration especially with our modern lifestyle today.

Pros :

  • For $99, you can get the device and install it easily
    -It's user friendly
    -It comes in sleek design
  • It can connect to multiple devices

None for this smart and useful product.

Nice Hunt!


  • nice and universal design
  • price of only $99 USD
  • great tool to get rid of controls and different apps to use your smart tech
  • setting it up seems to be quite easy


  • non for this product

Pros :

  • Great idea to gathering up all the smart devices, such as smart light bulbs and smart appliances.
  • Easy to manage them all
  • Good look in design, thin enough
  • Definitely need one if you are a smart tech lover
  • Easy to set it up
  • Reasonable price, definitely worth for it
  • Equipped with advance security features

Cons :

  • Cannot find any in this hunt.

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