Electricity Harvesting Tree - Small Artificial Tree that produces clean energy...!

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Electricity Harvesting Tree

Small Artificial Tree that produces clean energy...!



Hunter's comment

I'm excited...! Today, searching the net, I have come across a beautiful miniature tree that has great technology.

What does it consist of?

It is a small tree that takes from the spaces (exterior and interior) the light energy (natural or artificial), temperature and converts it into electrical energy.

This generated electrical energy allows us to feed small devices of common use, among them:

  • Mobile phones, humidifiers, light bulbs, small lamps.


  • Its leaves are flexible solar panels. They are stamped with a fine printing process (developed by the same company.)

  • Trunk in 3D. Made with biomaterials. (Technology patented by the same company.)

These small artificial trees of beautiful color, will allow us to make use of a clean and friendly energy to the environment.




Hunter: @pialejoana


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oh. my God its todays best hunt...I seen.its have a great facilities. your work good.thanks for sharing


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Wow, this is pretty amazing. With the leaves being solar panels does it need to be close to a window to get sunlight? This is super cool, artistic and eco friendly. These types of hunts are kick ass

First, how are you @pialejoana?
Second, how your modding activities @pialejoana?
Third, WOW! this product is really cool!!! - haha the hunter skill from mod @pialejoana.
Forth, no, i will not give upvote coz it's already on top 1 today, just want to say hi when i see the coolest hunt that drag my attention today, and i see that you are the hunter. :humbsup:

I thought this tech wouldn't be possible, thanks for sharing this @pialejoana you are the best! Congratulations also!

Most lovable Electricity Harvesting Tree

That's very eco-friendly hunt! It is good that it saves electrical energy that we use to charge our electrical devices. It can charge the devices by its own produced energy .The pattern that is used to design it is very cool.Thanks for sharing it .

Awesome hunt! best of luck

Another excellent find again pia. Is this only for indoor or you can also display this outside home and collect energy?

I feel this would sell well in some trendy hip stores. Ecofriendly power generating houseplant. Totally see it being bought for a holiday gift. Neat share.

This artificial plant looks so cute and would be nice part of home decor too in addition it has ability to produce electricity out of thin air and can be use anywhere anytime which is extremely beneficial in todays life. Thanks for sharing such innovative products here on steemhunt. Stay blessed.

It's amazing. This tree can earn solar power. It is beautiful. I love it. I am lucky if I have it at home.

Thanks for your great hunt!

Plant leaves use sunlight and carbon dioxide to photosynthesis. This little artificial tree has the ability to convert light or temperature into electricity. I like these eco-friendly products. I want to use the electrical energy produced by this to charge my cell phone.

Wow. This artificial tree could be harvesting energy from three sources: solar, wind and temperature differences. It's a brilliant idea and very efficient.

This is one lovely piece of art and tech combined together. An eco-friendly source of energy to power our small devices. I wish to see a large scale application of this, that can power a full household.
Thanks for sharing

I think this is absolutely amazing. Technology is getting better every day and being able to gather the necessary electricity from inventions like this instead of needing Huge and Pricey Solar Panels if unbelievable. I really love the advancements that are being created today. This is an amazing Hunt Pialejoana.

Simply a wonderful idea to create the power in an eco-friendly way. Sun is the biggest source of energy and Electricity Harvesting Tree is such a productive way to generate electricity.

Lovely HUNT ♡

Are we there yet? YES. This kind of technology, what have we waiting for! This is extraordinary!
Today, it is just a little, small decor-stuff with some benefits. Tomorrow, maybe these can charge our entire society and economy.

Wow~! Electricity harvesting tree. It's flexible solar panel leaves are amazing. Very useful and eco-friendly product.

(1) It can use both interior and exterior light and convert those into electrical energy.
(2) It is sufficient for the energy requirement of small devices like charger, small lamps, mobile phones etc.
(3) Its design is such that it improves the aesthetics of the room.

Thank you...steem on and stay blissful....

Seems like the company behind this product is very good at their work:

Its leaves are flexible solar panels. They are stamped with a fine printing process (developed by the same company.)

Trunk in 3D. Made with biomaterials. (Technology patented by the same company.)

Best part: it's environment-friendly. Great job @pialejoana.

Hunt is On!

Haha, this is two in one. A beautuful flower for your home that actualy produce electricity. Solat is getting more and more usage by the day.

This is amazing to see how technology is changing the world:

Its leaves are flexible solar panels. They are stamped with a fine printing process.

Thanks @pialejoana for yet another cool hunt. How do you find these hunts? Got some magic genie?

Very Stunning Hunt is that "Electricity Harvesting Tree" conquer by you friend @pialejoana.

Really glad and amazed to know about such Electricity Harvesting Tree due to which these Small Artificial Trees produces clean energy. Awesome features and now we are able with the help of this product to use clean and friendly energy to the environment.

cool features and benefits of this product as described by the author are:

  • cellphones, humidifiers, light bulbs, small lights.

  • The leaves are flexible solar panels. They are branded with a good printing process (developed by the same company.)

  • Trunk in 3D. Made with biomaterials. (Technology patented by the same company.)

Nice Hunt! sounds good to make electricity from Harvesting tree with the help of small Artificial Tree to produce energy and also gives beauty for decoration but in fact it is the source of energy. Good luck with your hunt

Its in prototype stage, but still, it is a very niche concept. Since the trunk is made with 3D technology , it will give a look and feel of having a real tree. Need to see, how it can scale more, to harvest more power, that can make it sustainable for one home at least.

Electricity harvesting tree is the need of the day because,

  • It is environment friendly
  • It uses the solar light and convert it in to electric power
  • Its generated energy can be used for small appliances for daily use
  • It is a great invention and good hunt


Great Hunting

It is a small tree that takes from the spaces (exterior and interior) the light energy (natural or artificial), temperature and converts it into electrical energy.

I have reviewed the hunt and deserve to be given an congratulations

Very good and eco-friendly product!!
A small artificial tree that converts temperature and light into electricity!!
Great hunt!

This is very nice technology. It is small scale at the moment, but if it could scale up to bigger purposes, it could provide "free" and clean electricity with a more pleasing appearance than traditional solar panels. Nice Hunt.

Awesome product
These plants can be used indoor to improve the aesthetic and provide clean energy to appliances.

I want to make such solar trees in the size of real trees and they could supply the whole house, cottage, block with electricity... Nice hunt

Well done! Impressive hunt indeed, a device that is capable of producing clean energy I wonder if this one produce oxygen too. Thanks for sharing, I will give this hunt a score of 5 out of 5.

Electricity Harvesting Tree...Just for a few seconds, I thought I did not read it right. However, after reading the description and watching the demo video, I found it a great hunt. Congrats @pialejoana for getting up to #1 one more time. You're the best.

Electricity Harvesting Tree that takes from the spaces the light energy, temperature and converts it into electrical energy. Great cool practical idea. Mind blowing search and awesome presentation. I love it. Please keep sharing more stuff like that.

Since everything is connected to electricity, we cannot live in an electrical environment. Therefore, we are even trying to make use of a small item. It's like a little tree-lined tree. We can charge the phone and similar items with this. Cool hunt.

It's really beautiful and an amazing artificial tree that produces clean energy and has many great features. It's design and color is so cool and attractive.
Good Hunt!

we would save a lot of money in light and also take care of the environment,It is very small and cute also. It is very useful in home for small devices.Something like this has multiple benefits in the home.

What a cute, little device. I like that it also doubles as a solar-powered electricity hub for small devices. I wouldn't mind putting it on my desk at work, so I can free up an extra port on​ my laptop. Nice find!


Marvellous Hunt @pialejoana

Amazing product in terms of its sustainability and durability. Such a eco-friendly gadget will help to reduce the use of non renewable natural resources and greenhouse effect and contribute to the reduction in global warming. The poor developed country can use this to their great potentiality where they have no or limited access to electricity. We along these people do not have to worry anything about weatheric conditions and land. Such an amazing hunt I have came across!!


Great hunting friend, having this tree with us would be a great advantage, to be able to charge cell phones with bulbs is fantastic and very useful, we would save a lot of money in light and also take care of the environment,

The Electric Harvesting Tree is a producer of electrical energy that allows us to feed small devices that are commonly used everyday.
The small devices that are usually used are:

  • Cellphone
  • moisturizer
  • light bulb
  • decorate the room
  • and some other things

Features used environmentally friendly:

  • The leaves are made of flexible, easily formed solar panels.

  • The stem looks 3D, made with biomaterials

Flexible solar panels are not sufficient as concrete ones but flecibility opens up more possibilities to use the panels. I think it looks funny but if it harvests good amounth of energy from the sun why not. Good hunt!

Oh wow this is the coolest thing I have seen in a long @pialejoana ! and it looks great for any decor really ! I would love to one by my bed to charge my cell phone at night . its so cool that the leaves are little solar panels ! "What will they think of next!?!?" hahaha , fantastic hunt , I want one!!👍✌💕👌❤💁

It's pretty amazing to think that a tree like this can generate clean energy and it's also pretty good for the decoration of the house.

Cool hunt @pialejoana. First time I see these electricity harvest trees and amazing what technology can do in letting them produce clean environment. Great hunt.

This is a very cool hunt. Tech, art, innovation and elegance combined. Something like this has multiple benefits in the home. How much does it cost for this?

Woww!! This is really the best hunt as of today. Now we can generate or harvest our own electricity by having this one. Really super awesome

This deserves to be on top since this offers a very innovative way to produce things that we need. Congrats pia.

wonderful (1).gif
e61ff317a5 (1).png




  • It produces electric energy without noise.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. Keep up with your wonderful hunt.

Awesome hunt! We all should have similar green energy devices to reduce our carbon footprint, plus they look good. Thank you for sharing this product.

There are so many possibilities that nature has to offer us. The most beautiful is the sun. We can use the energy of the sun, and we can generate electricity from small ones like Electricity Harvesting Tree. Nice share.

Electricity Harvesting Tree is a beautiful electricity production tool that can be placed on the edge of the glass in your home or office. You can charge your phone, small lamps and tablets. It uses the solar panels in its leaves. Perfect product.

It is a very innovative and unique product. It integrates high tech with the tree and plants. Very nice.

Amazing and cool hunt.

It is very small and cute also. It is very useful in home for small devices.
Stay blessed and keep it up

Such a unique invention! My roommate had the same idea a few years but never followed thru with it. Awesome find!

Solar tech that looks like a tree is pretty night. Might help make cities look better.

when is this going out in the mainstream? I would be looking forward to it!

Woow, a way of harvesting ecofriendly clean and green energy


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Whatbis the love? I think the love is a bird. Sometime my tear is on the ground beacause she has broken my heart.

Beautiful art for interior decoration.
Good to see more innovative and energy efficient products. Hope its manufacturing process is environment friendly too.

How I wish to have it to.know my sleep disorder.Its a good hunt