PyroLance - Fire-fighting revolutionized

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Fire-fighting revolutionized


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PyroLance is not your ordinary water gun. Powered by cutting edge technology and designed for the maximum efficiency, it is dubbed the future water gun. Equipped with ultra-high pressure, the water produced by this product is essentially micro-droplets, which allows the fire to be extinguished faster and in a more effective manner. The awesome part of it does not stop here. The high pressure also allows firefighters to have control over the range of the water streams fired from the gun. It could literally pierce some surfaces in order to get to the places with fire. Definitely something worth checking out of!



Hunter: @plokmi

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I believe the range of material in can penetrate is very limited, more like plastics and rusty metals.

Great hunt @plokmi!

Indeed this is a great gun for fire-fighting. Hopefully this goes mainstream so that many properties would be saved when fire occurs. Well, the capabilities of this gun is so sophisticated.

Keep up the good hunt!

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this is the best product for rescue and especially for the place that really hard to get through. I think this will be good for the firefighter and will ease their job

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Your hunt is wonderful.


  • The firefighters have control over the range of the water stream fired from the gun.

  • It makes fire fighting service easy and more safe.

  • It is faster and effective to use in putting off fire.

  • It exert a very high water pressure.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. Keep up with your wonderful hunt.

wow, cannot imagine if this thing hits people, but yes, look on the good side, it is going to be used to save people, thank you very much for your hunt~

It is good to have this in the fire department as it will help to contribute to saving life. Is the water loaded in it or is been connected to an hydrant or truck?

Nice hunt @plokmi

It is very effective to extinguish the fire thanks to high pressure. With PyroLance, you can extinguish the fire faster. It's also safer and more effective at extinguishing the fire.

This is a brilliant hunt and helps improve fire control measures.


  1. Innovative product
  2. Makes it possible to reach hard to reach places
  3. High pressure can cut through the surfaces
  4. High pressure water droplets makes extinguishing fire faster

Cons - none

This product helps firefighter to save lives from fire. What a awesome and useful product!

This is an amazing find, great for firemen department, and I strongly encourage my country firemen department should invest in this product. it will save time for a fire breakout and eventually will save more lives. Thks again for sharing this @plokmi

This is a product that will save our lives.
Firefighters can put out fire from the behind a door, so just in case a door won't open, they can still put out fire from behind it.

The product is very cool. It can penetrate the object and firefight the fire inside the objects. It can prevent firemen from danger position. It can also fire fight more efficiently. And it can save lives.

Great Hunt, Hunter.


  • It has a ability to penetrate a barrier via pressurized water.
  • This watergun will keep firefighters safe.
  • It reduces the manpower requirements and collateral damage.
  • Low water consumption.


  • Nothing for this hunt overall a very unique and useful watergun.

I know the firefighters got this mounted on some of their trucks some years back. This one seem to state using only high-presssure. The one I've seen used earlier was adding some sand to help penetrate wood, steel, insulation, etc..

Awesome tool. Good find!

Great Hunt @plokmi. PyroLance retains the maximum pressure and flow of water. You can easy to use it. You are the good hunter.


this is a lovely gadget that firefighters can use to make them have a better fire-fight service

this device has a good feature like ultra high pressure that makes water rush out faster when trying to use it to quench fire

the device is easy to understand how to use it and you do not need to be an expert before you can use it

the device is worth the amount it is sold for and can be used at anywhere anytime


i cannot find any

Tiembla Fuego! Cause your worst enemy is coming. Yes you heard it here; Pyrolance, The real fire Killer!

Hi @plokmi


  • Does "to the point action" with laser light focus
  • Cutting edge technology enables to through the water on the desired target with in no time
  • Ultra high pressure stops fire in a more effective way
  • Firefighter can control the angle
  • Less effort more output
  • Easy to handle and to use


  • None for it

Nice hunt @plokmi
the fire fighters finally got there guns (lol)
this will definitely reduce look of casualties obtain by fire fighters while fire fighting

Nice Hunt!

  • Its high tech.
  • The water could pass through some objects to get to the fire.
  • It is more efficient.


  • When dealing with high pressure, accidents can be dangerous.

This is a great product not only does it make fire fighting safer but faster too! Great find!

whoa that's some kind of future fighting water gun situation! love it.

It is so cool!

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cool hunt. Hopefully with this, more life can be saved.

Woow,this is cool,this would reduce fire casualties.


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