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RE: Honor 7A - Great secure and really low price phone

in #steemhunt3 years ago

@lion-inferno here is my review on 7A


  1. I think its really a great mobile with a low price so anyone can purcahsed it easily.
  2. Camera quality was preety good.
  3. Those who really like to play game in mobile they can play easily but for heavy games it takes some time for loading.
  4. You can watched Hd video easily.


  1. Battery life was not preety good beacuse it has only 3000 mAh battery only.

~overall its really a great hunt~


hehe nice review brother you caught those points which i have missed it honestly battery performance is not suitable for this sort mobile and the fact is this is mobile came in very low price and the battery performance is not so good and not so bad so enjoy it
thanks for comment brother