Travel Pal - An app allows users to travel with new people

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Travel Pal

An app allows users to travel with new people











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Travel Pal

It allows users to travel with some new people around the world. Users can either be a host or traveller. A host can provide travel advice, accommodation, a meal together and travel guide. A traveller can find other people who travel at the same time and same location. They can chat and arrange a meetup there. The main purpose of this app is to make friends around the world through travelling.


  • Free of charge
  • Meet the localhost. (They may provide travel advice, a place to stay, a meal together or travel guides)
  • Make new friends through travelling. (Travel together and have fun)
  • Built-in language translations and useful phrasebook. (No language barrier)
  • Search results based on your travelling location and other preferences
  • You can be a host and a traveller at the same time


When I travelled to Paris a few months ago, I successfully found a travel partner through Travel Pal. We travel together in Paris and it was really fun. Also, I talked to some of the host and travellers. We exchange some useful travel information. If you are bored about travelling alone or want to make some friends around the world. You should try this app.



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  • Cool and interactive app to engage with fellow travelers
  • It's kinda similar to couchsurfing
  • A good way to budget your expenses when traveling or do adventures
  • It provides a new learning experience that will help you broaden your horizon


  • None, as you will gain a new level experience with travelpal :)

Yes. It is similar to Couchsurfing. But what I like most is the built-in translation which allowing users to communicate with the host without language barrier.

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  I would enjoy it very much
  well self explained
  cool looking
  creative technology
  devoted product team

  none that I can think of

I am glad you like it!


  • Can help to find traveling partner and make the trip more secure
  • It had a user-friendly interface
  • Can use in many region
  • Help to meet new friends


  • Maybe danger if the host and the traveler are bad people

Your concern is true. So that they have a chat room and the users can chat and know more about each other before going out.

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  • find travel partners, to enjoy sights with new people and make friends
  • Meet the locals and learn more about their culture and city


  • none

Thank you! I hope you can make some friends with this app.

bookmarked. girls girls girls…hahahahaha


  • Innovative idea to find your next travel buddy
  • Good looking user interface and easy to understand


  • Needs trustlevel

Yes. I think what they can improve is to add a trust level for each user in order to keep everyone safe.

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