Ubtech Alpha 1 Pro - Your new partner for entertainment and education

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Ubtech Alpha 1 Pro

Your new partner for entertainment and education











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Ubtech Alpha 1 Pro

It is a robot that aims for education and entertainment. It is a family robot to act as a companion, playmate and teacher in your house. It is your workout buddy. It can dance, exercise and do yoga with you. It is also an athlete which can fight, doing push-ups and play football. It provides a mobile app and programmable software that allows you and your kids to learn coding, customize its movement and skills, and download music, stories and lessons.


  • Dance, KungFu, Yoga, Fight, Workout, Football, Storytelling, Music
  • Listening instructions from mobile apps
  • Easily programmable
  • 16 Robotic Servos -> Flexible and skilful
  • 3D visible programming software
  • RPP function to record, position and playback
  • Download actions and skills from alpha library



  • A fun and cute family robot for education and entertaining
  • Good for kids to learn programming and increase their interest in robotics
  • Good workout partner to do exercises together
  • Easily programmable and good for coding beginners
  • Have actions library to download actions easily


  • No voice control




Hunter: @ray147880


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Nice Hunt!


  • makes you learn about programming while you playing
  • can be used as a "workout buddy" that helps and motivates you
  • control it via your phone
  • capability to upgrade its memory card to 32GB


  • battery charge of max 60 minutes
  • price of $700 USD

Thanks for your review

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Oh wow, that is an amzing little robot. I can see tons of cool things one could do with that. $490 is a real good price for that. Incredible how fast technology is moving forward.

Yea. I want to buy one too.


  • a very nice robot that I would like to buy for my kids
  • it can do a lot of skills and actions
  • it is very cute when doing push-ups
  • good for my kids to learn coding


  • limited usabilities and a bit expensive


  • It is a good training for kids to have a family robot
  • The design of it is cute and cool
  • It is powerful as it could do a lot of things
  • Can download new action


  • None for this product


This is my opinion about your product innovation


  • Funny and cool family robot, it's full of education.
  • The idea is so brilliant, it's really a robot of the future.
  • The design and the funny shape make this robot is suitable as our friend.
  • I really hope to have this robot at home.


  • Maybe for beginners a bit difficult to program and coding. The rest of this product is cool.

This is the value I give to your product

Thanks for your detailed feedback

This is an amazing hunt ! Here are my thoughts on this
Pros :

  • The robot can be connected to your phone and instructions and be giving thru your phone
  • The bot performs various activities
  • The bot can be powered once and it can last for hours
  • Libraries are available online which u can download and run on the bot to perform various task . These libraries are updated frequently by the devp team

Cons :

  • This is truely for entertainment purpose I don't It can do something useless other than entertainment

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Thanks for your reply. It is true that this robot is focus on entertainment. But it also maybe useful for the beginners to learn how to code a robot.

This is a great hunt that you made there @ray147880. Below are my personal opinion toward this hunt.


  • The product is very innovative
  • You can learn a lot, you will be entertain, and lots of awesome features
  • It has music that can dance and can do fist fight


  • None so far for this awesome hunt


  • Entertainment plus education is awesome!
  • Helps you broaden your knowledge while enjoying the show of the little cutie robot
  • Can level up your activities in a health and productive ways.
  • Varieties of features to learn more and a good way to kill time


  • Pricey for sure , but worth it for the entire family.

Wow this robot is so amazing!! DANCE KUNGFU YOGA FIGHT?? WOW!! I want to buy it right now!!

Yeah! It can also play football lol.

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