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Smart Fashion. Digitize your closet. Save it into your phone
















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It is an app for users with tremendous clothes in their wardrobe to organize their clothing. It digitizes the clothes by taking photos of them and storing them in the app. It helps to organize clothes by putting them in different categories. It is also a fashion assistance which allows users to create, organize, and share outfits.


  • Take pictures of your clothes and store them in this digital closet
  • Put the clothes into categories and organize them
  • Background removal tools to erase the background
  • Add detailed descriptions of the clothes such as size, status, brand...
  • Colour searching algorithm: Filter your clothes by colour
  • Colour scanning algorithm: Find the clothes with the colour that you scan with your camera
  • Create, organize and share outfits
  • Put the outfits into a calendar and follow it every day to save time
  • Add clothes into the packing list
  • Shopping online
  • Statistics: the most or least clothes, the total number of clothes...
  • Backup your closet in google drive

Demo video


It is a disaster when you have a lot of clothes in your wardrobe. And it is easy to forget what clothes you have, what are their size, what are their status. This app can let me know if I have similar clothes before buying a new one. It also reminds me of what size I need when buying some new clothes. I particularly like the statistic function to find out the clothes that I wore the least and prevent buying them anymore.



Hunter: @ray147880

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This is a great hunt that you made there @ray147880. Below are my personal opinion toward this hunt.


  • You can easily set a date on what clothes you want to wear on that day
  • You can also try to mix your clothes for a best match
  • It has a backup database where it stores all your data
  • You can automatically take a photo and store in this app so that you can see and sort all your clothes


  • None so far for this awesome hunt

Thanks for tour detailed review

Keep up the hunt!
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Hey, @ray147880 thanks for this interesting hunt, I completely agree with you about that this is people with a lot of cloths with no overview, perfect for my girlfriend haha Upvoted and resteemed!

Here is my review


  • You can put up some styles and save them and whenever you need something you can just go through the styles and decide for the most suited one
  • Check your closet for similar shirts and so on, so you don't need to buy more of it
  • Use it as shopping site, and get some shops with similar style to your wardrobe


  • They should add selling your closet to the app, I think this would make it even more amazing

You can recommend it to your girlfriend then lol.


  • I love this apps as many people will usually forget what cloths they have bought
  • Build-in background removal tools can save a lot of time
  • This interface in a user-friendly interface, suitable for kids and old people to use too
  • Save time as we do not need the keep wearing the cloths to check the effect
  • Can use to shopping using this apps


  • None for this hunt I can find

Thanks for tour detailed review

This one is a great planning. Great catch @ray147880.
As for my personal review below :

Pros :

  • You can easily customized your preferred background of your clothes so you could easily evaluate it whether you like it or not.
  • A good way to do some matching clothes wherein you can specifically resize, rotate or even arrange them to your preference.
  • It has also calendar feature where you can set some clothes that you will wear on specific day and then easily analyze those clothes to wear either in weeks and months.
  • You can easily backup your changes wherein it is automatically sync to your Google Drive everyday wherein you can easily revert changes through restortion and even transfer data to another smartphone device.

Cons :

  • App is limited to Google Play only

Thanks for your detailed feedback


  • Easy to handle since the cloth can be categorized by colour or pattern
  • Convenient since you don't have to check out the real closet to know what cloth is in there


  • you have to take a photo of all cloths in the closet, so it may use lots of time if you have so many cloths....

Yea. I understand your concern haha. But upload once then use it forever.

Interesting app, I will recommend this app to my girlfriend, too many clothes that sometimes it takes time and gives a headache searching only for a daily outfit.


  • You can organize your clothes from the useful clothes or daily outfit from old clothes that still can be used for occasions in your mobile
  • Highly recommended for girls, Yes, for girls we all know that girls having a hard time to select an outfit. Perfect app for my girlfriend hehe
  • It has also feature that you can do shopping online. No more worries about shopping with your girlfriends


  • Need more features.

I believe your girlfriend will love you more

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Haha nice app


  • Store your clothes in the digital closet
  • Put the clothes into categories and organize them as you like.
  • Add detailed descriptions of the clothes such as size, status or brand.
  • easy to use


  • no cons

Thanks for your feedback


  • The product will help people of different groups
  • Amazing looking product
  • Many people looking forward for something like this


  • Nothing comes to my mind

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Nice app from the things this app does you don't need to stress yourself all you need is to get the it and I think I am beginning to like this app