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Transform any bike into an electric bike



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Hunter's comment

This is the future tech to transform a normal bike to an electric bike. The pendix can be attached to any bike and by any bike I mean every single bike on this planet can be transformed into an electric bike. Fitness, City, Folding, Trekking, Cargo or Mountain bike. No matter what frame or bike type, pendix can be attached.

Exceptional about this tech gadget is, the natural pedaling motion, will stay the same after you turn the battery off or it is empty, this is one negative thing on other e-bikes, the pedaling motion changes and gets harder.

The range is higher than other e-bikes, you could drive for days, you can drive 3 marathons with only one charge, to make clear how far you get.


  • Exceptional range up to 160 km
  • Silent drive
  • Compatible with any bicycle
  • Natural pedaling motion, when battery is empty
  • battery recharges completely in only 3 hours
  • 3 modes available: Eco, Smart and Sport mode

Starting price is set at 1.490,00 €. This is quite an expensive gadget for any bike. The cool thing about this you can attach it to any bike you want, not sure if it is worth the money though...

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Wow, it looks cool


  • do not need to but electric bike anymore
  • offers exceptional range up to 160 km with silent drive
  • compatible with any bicycle
  • natural pedaling motion is available when battery is empty
  • battery recharges completely in only 3 hours


  • none for this hunt

Thanks for your hunt.

Thanks for commenting ;)

I love this hunt, especially as I'm using the bike every day. This is really a great help for everyone who uses the bike as part of daily life

  • It helps you to transform your normal bike into an environmental friendly e-bike.
  • You can choose from 3 modes depending on what type of speed you want, like Eco, smart and sports mode.
  • Very decent battery life, that you can charge really fast


  • No negative comment from this hunt since then this innovation has big help to people like m. to speed up our daily way of transportation

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Hey bro nice hunt and Im totally aggre with you about the price issue but thats a great tool for lazy guys like me. :) happy hunting


  • Transform your normal bike into electric bike. It is a big help to every commuter who used bike as transportation. Especially for working people
  • I believe using Bicycles are a wonderful means of transportation that helps preserve the environment.
  • It can help to reduces air contamination, ecological footprints, carbon emissions,
  • It is healthy also to use bicycle than riding your car and the most important thing is about the price, bicycles are very inexpensive!


  • No issues for this hunt, We need to love mother nature and focus on sustainability

Thanks for your comment, totally agree with you!

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