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iwown i5 Plus

Progress, at your fingertips



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Hunter's comment

In terms of physical appearance, this smart bracelet similar to Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Not only from the shape, but also its price that does not drain bag. If seen more detail, it appears that the iwown i5 Plus has larger dimensions, but thinner. Its OLED screen measuring 0.91 inch. The screen display is removable from the wristband, then You will find one of its sides like a Flash that doubles as a USB Charge.

You can use this device in two ways, namely by touch or movement of the wrist. At least there are 4 main features offered by the Bluetooth wireless connection. You can identify incoming calls and read incoming messages up to 32 characters. You can also use this device via the smartphone camera. In addition, you can also make arrangements to receive notification of a number of accounts of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. If forgot to put smartphones, iwown i5 Plus will track it for you.




Hunter: @rezamusic


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Great hunt @rezamusic!

Small, simple, good looking smart band, the screen looks pretty bright and it should not create problems in sunny places.

sorry i get a 404 Not Found page on the url. can you please update the url to their homepage if not i'll delist.

I have updated the correct link, thank you sir!

Great hunting seems to me very good mainly because it has multiple functions such as receiving notifications from social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Hi, @rezamusic, Nice Hunt
Here is my opinion about your product.


  • I really like this watch cause it has wide variety of cool functions.
  • It has an amazing battery life which is great.
  • The battery takes very less time to fully charge therefore it is a time save watch.
  • Incredibly affordable.


  • Doesn't have a heart rate sensor but overall a very nice and useful watch.

Innovative and Productive Hunt according to the new technology era @rezamusic


1- Great Technology for the new generation, the price is really good enough.
2- This is a best way to know your steps, distance and calories burned, make a goal and achieve it.
3- Everything is on your fingertips, you can track all your activities, that's a best feature, that will make more innovative.
4- You can read everything on screen regarding Facebook twitter and WhatsApp etc.
5- He can also track regarding your sleep, like how many hours you sleep.
6- Also its a water proof and easily to charge, you can also check time that will make you more elegant.


1- None

wow i think this bracelet is very innovative and cool. with an elegant and simple design it will make me cooler if I wear it. and this bracelet can also be used for this usb very amazing

thanks for changing the url, this is verified now! cheers! :)

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Wow It's i like that...

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