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Mi Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker



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Hunter's comment

The absence of control keys, FM Radio function, or 3.5 mm jack port could be factors that make the speaker less "tempting" for most people. That is, bluetooth speaker is only suitable for users who want bluetooth speakers are pure without any additional functions of the other.

Overall, the design is beautiful Mi Bluetooth Speaker is directly proportional to the quality of the sound produced. Great fun using these speakers for music or videos, on the go. Moreover, weights and dimensions not packed the place. Battery life is also enough to account for the size of portable speakers. With the price of ransom amounting to Rp 350,000 for Mi Bluetooth Speaker are decent.




Hunter: @rezamusic


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This is cool. I have a bluetooth speaker now that isn't nearly as sleek looking at these ones are. This one seems to fit in your hand, pocket, or bag more easily. Mine is pyramid shaped, so more for putting on a shelf. Does this stand up on its own?

Yes, I think so, the pyramid shape is very uncomfortable to put in a pocket.

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Nice colors and cool design. It has a good sound quality and a good battery life. You can recharge it in 2,5 hours. It stops playing when somebody calls you. I liked it. Good hunt!

You can bring the device anytime and anywhere. It is also very lightweight. You can choose its dazzling colors of the speaker. It is small but the sound that they emit is powerful. Just turn on your bluetooth to connect it directly to your phone.


  • I like that I can use it up to 8 hours, I have had other bluetooth speakers and they do not last half of that time in use.
  • The design is very useful, it is not bulky and can be stored anywhere, like in pockets.
  • Supports the hands-free function, in addition to supporting an auxiliary input.


  • The product is fine, I don´t see any against.

Would I use it?
Yes, but I think that buying it and bringing it to my country will be very expensive.

Yes. .. you are so right!

Hi @rezamusic


  • Decent look to hold it
  • Doe not cover the lot of space
  • Battery timings and design are perfect
  • One can make the outings special by putting the melody through this speaker
  • No technicalities are involved at all


  • None for it

Over all a great Hunt :)


  • Excellent sound quality.
  • You can multiple music playback modes.
  • It is compatible with smartphones, tablets, televisions, laptops.
  • When you receive a call the speaker removes the music.


  • Any

Hey, @rezamusic this is cool product MI is a professional brand and their product is a high-quality product support quality sound system and price is normal overall cool hunt


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